The Defence Terrain Research Laboratory (DTRL) , Delhi, has entered into a Memorandum of Shri Chakraborty handing over MoU documents to Shri MathurUnderstanding (MoU) with the Central Building Research Institute (CBRl), Roorkee, a constituent laboratory of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), for study of landslides at Sikkim. The MoU was signed at DTRL between Shri R Chakraborty , Director, and Shri BK Pathak, Sci F, from DTRL; and Shri VK Mathur, Director, and Shri Y Pandey, Sci El, from CBRl, on 19 July 2001. By entering into this MoU , CBRl will carry out a sub-project on Geotechnical Investigations , Shri Chakraborty handing over MoU documents to Shri Mathur Instrumentation and Monitoring of 9th Mile and B2 Landslides, and Hydrological Study of Lanta Khola Landslide at Sikkim, under an ongoing project on Development of Landslide Information System and Techniques for Monitoring and Prediction of Landslides in North and North-East Himalayas (LISMAP) project of DTRL. The sub-project is of 24 months duration for covering all seasonal variations during the year.

The MoU aims at providing partial inputs to project LISMAP, regarding characterising and monitoring of landslides encountered in Sikkim. The CBRl will provide necessary technical reports and documents on the following aspects:

  • Detailed geological, geotechnical and other data of 9th Mile and landslides and hydrological study of Lanta Khola landslide;

  • Technical information necessary for characterisation of all the three landslides; and

  • Development of suitable model for slope failure prediction