Dr Kakodkar delivering the orationThe Defence Laboratory (DL), Jodhpur organised the 9th Prof DS Kothari Memorial Oration on 9   July 2001. The Oration was delivered by Dr Anil Kakodkar, Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission and Secretary, Department of Atomic Energy on Science and Society-Linkages Strategies in Atomic Energy.Hon'ble Justice Dalveer Bhandari delivered the Presidential Address on Prof DS Kothari-An Explorer of Universal Human Happiness through Science, Education and Morality.

Justice Bhandari highlighted the personal qualities of Prof DS Kothari and his relationship with eminent scientists of the world. He said that Prof DS Kothari was a remarkable human being, renowned author, great scientist and real philosopher .

Dr Ram Gopal, Director, DLJ , welcomed the guests and stated that it was the vision of Prof DS Kothari to institute this laboratory in the Ratanada estate for undertaking R&D work  related to enhancement of operational capabilities of troops in the desert terrain.

On this occasion, the 9th Prof DS Kothari Memorial Oration Award was presented to Dr Anil Kakodkar for his outstanding research contributions in the field of nuclear science by Hon'ble Justice Dalveer Bhandari. Dr Anil Kakodkar also presented Foundation Day Award to Shri YP Singh, Sci F and Dr Shriram Singh, Sci D for their meritorious contribution in the field of science. Shri VS Vangani, Jt Director and Secretary of Prof DS Kothari Memorial Oration delivered vote of thanks .