DRDO South Zone Intra-Zonal Chess Tournament

chess1.jpg (20252 bytes)The Centre for Military Airworthiness and Certification (CEMILAC), Bangalore, organised the DRDO South Zone Intra-Zonal Chess Tournament, during 25-27 April 2000. Shri K Nagaraj, Chief Executive (Airworthiness), CEMILAC, inaugurated the Tournament. Forty-five players from ADE, GTRE, CEMILAC, LRDE, all at Bangalore; CVRDE, Chennai; DFRL, Mysore; and NPOL, Kochi, participated in the Tournament.

The events were organised for individual men and women championship and team championship. Shri AR Ravi and Capt Chandra Rao from GTRE, Bangalore,were adjudged the winner and runners-up of individual men championship, while Smt Prabha Jairam and Smt AD Kannagi, both from CVRDE were the winner and runners-up of individual woman championship. Similarly, CVRDE and GTRE were the winner and runners-up in the team championship. Shri GP Agrawal, Sci F, DEBEL, Bangalore, and Secretary, DRDO South Zone Sports Council, presided over the valedictory function and distributed the prizes.

DRDO North Zone & Inter-Zonal Chess Tournament

Shri TD Mitra, Sci D, Scientific Analysis Group (SAG), Delhi, has been awARDEd Silver Medal (Individual) in North Zone Chess Tournament held at DROMI, Delhi. He has also been awARDEd Gold Medal (as a part of the team) in Inter-Zonal Chess Tournament organised at RCI, Hyderabad, during 5-7 June 2000.

DRDO Western Zone Intra-Zonal Chess Tournament

The Vehicles Research & Development Establishment (VRDE), Ahmednagar, chess2.jpg (18963 bytes)organised Western Zone Intra-Zonal Chess Tournament, during 20-22 June 2000. Maj Gen Tej Paul, Director, VRDE, inaugurated the Tournament. ARDE, HEMRL and VRDE of the West Zone Sports Council participated in the Tournament. In the team event, ARDE and VRDE won the winners and runners-up trophy, respectively. In the individual event Shri SK Ranade, TO 'B', ARDE, won the Gold Medal, while Shri AA Babar, TA 'A' , VRDE won the Silver Medal. Shri RC Sethi,  Offg Director, VRDE, distributed prizes to the winners of the Tournament.

Inter-Zonal Chess Tournament

chess3.jpg (22682 bytes)The Research Centre Imarat (RCI) , Hyderabad, organised the Inter-Zonal Chess Tournament during 5-7 June 2000. Shri KVSS Prasad Rao, Director, RCI, inaugurated the Tournament. A total of twenty-one players from central, south, north and west zone participated in the Tournament. The Tournament had both individual and team championships. The north zone won the team championship. Shri TV Jose of south zone won the individual event and Shri Y Purushotham of the central zone was the runners-up. Shri CR Prasad, Sci G, RCI, was the chief guest on the occasion who distributed prizes to the winners.