DRDO Contributes to Tsunami Victims

offficers during a counselling session

DIPR Provides Humane Touch

A team consisting of Shri NP Singh, Sci E; Dr S Subramony, Sci E; Shri P Prapakaran, Sci C; Ms Surinder Kaur, Sci B; and Shri Shabu B Raj, Sci B of Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR), Delhi, were deputed to provided Psychological conselling for the benefit of school children affected by Tsunami. The programme was coordinated by Director, DIPR, and scientists of CVRDE, Chennai, in consultation with the Joint Director, Health Services of Nagapattinam. The team visited one women's college and seven schools and gave training to 247 teachers in handling Tsunami generated emotional problem. In addition about 1070 children were provided counselling by the team in groups. Children who manifested hysteric reaction of grief, phobia, and anxiety were handled individually.