DRDO Celebrates National Science Day


Shri M Natarajan, SA to RM addressing the gathering. Also sitting on the dais are
Shri SS Prasad, Prof KL Chopra and Dr A Sivathanu Pillai

The National Science Day was celebrated all over the country on 28 February 2005 to mark the discovery of Raman Effect by the great Indian Scientist Sir CV Raman in 1928. All DRDO labs/estts organised various programmes related to science in their respective labs/estts. As a part of the programme, one scientist from each lab/estt delivered a talk in the thrust area and was presented a medal and a certificate by the respective DIRECTORs on behalf of SA to RM.

DRDO HQrs and Delhi-based DRDO labs/estts also celebrated the National Science Day in a function organised by the Defence Science Forum at the Bhagvantham Auditorium, Metcalfe House, Delhi under the Chairmanship of Shri M Natarajan, SA to RM and DG R & D. Shri SS Prasad, Director, ISSA, and DTRL, Delhi, and Convener of the Forum, delivered the welcome address. Prof KL Chopra, Ex-Director, lIT, Kharagpur was the invited speaker and delivered his talk on Tailored Nanomaterials. This programme was made available on-line to all DRDO labs/estts in the country through DRONA.
As a part of the celebrations, an essay writing competition on the topic, My Vision of DRDO was organised by Defence Science Forum at DRDO level. A Science Quiz on DRDO: Past, Present and Future and a Poster making competition on Rebuilding India after Tsunami were also part of the Science Day activity. Winners of these celebrations were given certificates by Dr A Sivathanu Pillai CC R&D (NS&ACE). Dr Ravi Kashyap, Sci F, INMAS, Delhi, and Secretary, Defence Science Forum delivered the vote of thanks.

Some of the highlights of the National Science Day celebrations at the other DRDO labs/estts are given below:

ARDE, Pune

Shri Mayank Tiwari, Sci B , delivered the oration on Science of Smart Materials. The Chief Guest Dr Pramod Kale, former Director, VSSC, Tiruvananthapuram delivered a talk on Images from Space.

CAIR, Bangalore

Dr Rituraj Kumar, Sci D, delivered the oration on Evolution of Information Architecture.

CEMILAC, Bangalore

Sqn Ldr SV Pedgaonkar, RCMA (Air Armament), Pune, delivered the Science Day lecture entitled, 'Certification for Life Extension of Escape Aid Power Cartridges : A Case Study.

Dr A Sivathanu Pillai CCR&D (NS&ACE) giving awards to winners of competitions at Metcalfe House, Delhi

DARL, Pithoragarh

Dr Sunil Kumar, Sci F, delivered the oration titled, Microbes as Potential Bio-control Agents to Control Plant Disease.

DEBEL, Bangalore

Smt Anuradha Ravi, Sci E, delivered the oration on Biomedical Applications of Superconductivity. Director, DEBEL, presented the medal and commendation certificate to the scientist.


Shri V Senthil, delivered the Science Day oration on, Information Dissemination through DRDO Web Site. Dr Mohinder Singh, Director, DESIDOC delivered a talk on, Manviya Samasyayon ka Vaigyanik Hal (Scientific Solution to Human Problems).

DIPAS, Delhi

Dr Devendra Kumar, Sci F, delivered the oration on Glutamic Acid Pre-treatment for Improving High Altitude Performance.

DFRL, Mysore

Dr J H Jagannath, Sci E, delivered the oration on Synthesis and Characterisation of Biopolymer Blends using Interpenetrating Network and their Application in Food Technology.

DL, Jodhpur

Dr N Kumar, Sci F, delivered the oration on Nanotechnology for Defence Applications. Shri RK Syal, Director, gave away Science Day Awards and Certificates to Scientists for their research papers published in international journals.

DMRL, Hyderabad

Dr T Mohandas, Sci F, delivered an oration on An Understanding of Science of Materials Joining.

DMSRDE, Kanpur

Dr P Saravanan, Sci C, delivered an oration on Nanoparticles by Chemical Synthesis, Processing to Materials and Innovative Applications.

Glimpses of Science Day celebrations

DRDL, Hyderabad

Dr Satish Kumar, Sci F, was awARDEd for Scramjet Combustor Development for Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle.

DTRL, Delhi

Shri Sunil Dhar, Sci E, delivered the oration on Riview of Tsunamis– Causes and Effects with special reference to Indian Scenario.

GTRE, Bangalore

Smt B Githanjali, Sci D, delivered the Science Day oration on A Digital Electronic Control Unit for the Marine Gas Turbine Engine.

NMRL, Ambernath

Shri N M Gokhale, Sci E, delivered the oration on Perovskjte Materials Dr D Srinivasan, Ex-Director, NPOL gave an invited lecture on the topic, Ocean Research in India-Status, Potential and Exploitation.

NPOL, Cochin

Dr DD Ebenezer, Sci F, delivered an enlightening oration on Science and the Citizen.

PXE, Balasore

Shri Arkadeb Banerjee, Sci B, delivered a talk on Tides. Students from 11 schools and colleges were taken on a conducted tour of the establishment and were given live firing demonstration and shown guns and instruments.

RDE(Engrs), Pune

Shri Prince Sharma, Sci B, delivered the oration on Design and Analysis of Composite Armoured Vehicle Hull. Dr Ramesh Paranjape, Director, National AIDS Research Institute (NARI), Pune was the Chief Guest and delivered a lecture on Current HIV Scenario in India and Relevance of the Vaccine being developed at NARI.

VRDE, Ahmednagar

Shri D Radha Krishna, Sci E, delivered a lecture on Rotary Engine–what it is and where it stands?