The National Science Day was celebrated all over the country on 28 February Inaugural Session of the Science Day Celebration at LASTEC2002 to mark the discovery of Raman Effect by the great Indian Scientist Sir CV Raman in 1928.

All DRDO labs/estts organised various programmes related to science in their respective labs/estts. As a part of the programme, one scientist from each lab/estt delivered a talk in the thrust area and was presented a medal and a certificate by Directors of the respective labs/estts signed by Dr VK Aatre, SA to RM and DGR&D, in recognition of their contributions.


DRDO HQrs and Delhi-based DRDO labs/estts also celebrated the National Science Day in a Dr VK Aatre giving certificates to Shri  VK Panchal, DTRL Delhifunction organised by the Defence Science Forum at the Laser Science & Technology Centre (LASTEC), Delhi, under the Chairmanship of Dr VK Aatre. Prof P Balaram, lndian Institute of Science, Bangalore was the invited speaker. Shri Amitav Mallik, Director, LASTEC and Convenor of the Forum delivered the welcome address. The scientists of the Delhi based labs/estts who participated in the National Science Day Oration 2002 had the privilege of receiving the medals and certificates from Dr Aatre.

Dr VK Aatre giving certificates to Dr Shri Shri kant, SAG Delhi.Prof Balaram delivered his talk on Expanding Frontiers of Biology which included conceptual and technological advances of biology over the last century. He highlighted the current interest in genomes, proteomes and the flow of information in biology, emphasizing the role of fundamental biological research in addressing problems of biomedical relevance.

Dr Aatre, in his address, highlighted the importance of nano-materials in the futuristic technological areas. He informed the audience about the nanotechnology programmes initiated by DRDO in association with academic institutions. He added that though this technology is not new to the world but its prominence has focussed only in recent years and is going to be a dominant field of research in the coming years.

Some highlights of the National Science Day Celebration at the other DRDO labs/estts are given below:

CASSA, Bangalore

Shri K Sadananda Upadhya, Sci C, delivered a lecture on An Overview of Discrete Event A View of Science Day Celebration at other DRDO labs/esttsSimulation. Shri P Vijayakumar and Shri Ramakrishnan, both TA 'A' delivered technical talks on Stellar Evolution and Superconductivity, respectively. Video films on the Life History of Sir CV Raman and an Interview of Sir CV Raman on Physiology of Vision were screened as a part of the celebration.

CVRDE, Avadi

Shri LC Raghavan, Sci E, delivered a lecture on Future Car and Shri C Chandrasekaran, Sci E, on An Insight into Manufacturing Scenario.

DEBEL, Bangalore

Shri TM Kotresh, Sci D, delivered the Science Day Oration on Defence Applications A View of Science Day Celebration at other DRDO labs/esttsof Smart Textiles for Extreme Weather Protection. Shri CGS Sarma, Director, DEBEL, presided over the function and gave away the Commendation Certificate and Science Day Medal to Shri Kotresh.

DIPR, Delhi

As apart of the celebration, Shri Aquib Javed, JRF made a presentation for the best published paper entitled, Value Priorities: An Empirical Finding. Dr VM Verma, Sci E, Senior Psychologist highlighted the latest trends in psychological research.

DL, Jodhpur

Shri Ravindra Kumar, delivered the Oration on Heat Management Technology for Desert Applications and received the Medal and Certificate issued by SA to RM. The Director gave away the best patent award to Dr SK Jain and Shri JS Ramesh Bapu for the patent, A Process for the Preparation of Tetra Hydro-per-Iodide-A Drinking Water Disinfectant while the Best Paper Award was given to Shri SG Vaijapurkar, Ms Deepshikha Agarwal, S/Shri Sadhan Kumar Chaudhuri, Kana Ram Senwar and Pradeep Kumar Bhatnagar for their paper entitled, Gamma-irraDIATed Onions as a Biological Indicator of RaDIATion Dose. As a part of the celebration a debate competition for school children was also organised.

DMRL, Hyderabad

Dr B Venkataraman, Sci E, delivered the Science Day Oration on Science of Solid-Solid Interaction.

IRDE, Dehradun

Prof S Chopra, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, delivered a talk on Teleportation and Quantum Cryptography. Smt Lata Mainali, Scientist, delivered the Science Day Oration on Holography and its Applications highlighting the upcoming technologies for which she received the DRDO Silicon Medal from Shri JAR Krishna Moorty, Director, IRDE. A science quiz for students was the key attraction of the day.

ISSA, SAG and DTRL, Delhi

The Institute for Systems Studies and Analyses (ISSA), Scientific Analysis Group (SAG) and Defence Terrain Research Laboratory (DTRL), Delhi, jointly celebrated the National Science Day. Shri VK Panchal, Sci E, DTRL delivered a talk on Strategic Role of Geographic Information Systems. Smt Aparna Malhotra, Sci C, ISSA delivered a talk on Intelligent Agents in Combat Simulation while Dr Shri Kant, Sci E, SAG talked on Pattern Classification in Context of Cryptology.

NMRL, Ambernath

Dr M Patri, Sci E, delivered the Science Day Oration and received the award in recognition of significant contributions in the field of Solid Polymer Electrolyte Membrane by RaDIATion Induced Graft Co-polymerisation. Laboratory level Scientist of the Year Award was also given to Dr M Patri for his outstanding contribution towards Development of Hull Lining Materials for the Navy. Dr J  Rangarajan, Sci E and his team received the laboratory level Technology Group Award for contribution in Development of Fuel Cell Technology and Up-scaling the same to 5 kW Power Pack. The school children from Kalyan also participated in the celebration.

SASE, Manali

Dr RP Bajpai, Director, Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIO), Chandigarh, delivered a lecture on Nanotechnology at CSIO-Semiconductor and Bio-molecular. Col P Mathur, SASE gave a talk on Application of Optical and Microwave Remote Sensing for Snow and Avalanche Studies and received the National Science Day Medal from Director, SASE.

sspl, Delhi

As a part of the celebration, scientific lectures were delivered on: MMIC Technology from Laboratory to Manufacturing by Shri Mahadev Bhatt, sspl Cell, GAETEC, Hyderabad; Optical Pattern Recognition for Information and Security by Prof Kehar Singh, IIT, Delhi; and development of linear Array Detectors for Thermal Imaging by Dr Risal Singh, sspl.

TBRL, Chandigarh

Prof DS Gill, Department of Chemistry, Punjab University, Chandigarh, gave an invited talk on Some Recent Developments in Chemical Sciences while Shri RK Verma, Sci D, delivered a lecture on Advances in Re-inforced Concrete for Protection Against Accidental Explosives.