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Dr Aatre delivering the National Science Day address at LASTECThe scientific community all over the country celebrated 28 February 2001 as National Science Day on the aniversary of the  discovery of Raman Effect by the great Indian scientist Sir CV Raman in 1928. All DRDO labs/estts celebrated the Science Day by organising various S&T programmes in respective lab/estt. As a part of the programme, one scientist from each lab/estt delivered a talk in the thrust area of the lab/estt. These scientists were later presented certificates by the respective Directors, signed by Dr VK Aatre, SA to RM, in recognition of their contribution. DRDO HQrs and Delhi-based labs/estts also celebrated the occasion in a function organised at the central level by the Defence Science Forum at the Laser Science & Technology Centre (LASTEC), Delhi. Dr Aatre chaired the function and delivered the National Science Day address. Prof Vinod K Gaur, Distinguished Professor, Indian Institute for Astro-Physics, Bangalore, who was the invited speaker, spoke on Kinematics of the Indian Plate and the Bhuj Earthquake. Shri Amitav Mallik, Director, LASTEC and Convenor of the Forum, delivered the welcome address.

Prof Gaur in his talk explained the causes of earthquake, highlighting the Himalayan region, the types of earthquakes and their consequences. He referred to the Gujarat earthquake and compared it with other earthquakes. He mentioned about different techniques being used to study earthquakes, including measurement of strain in tectonic plates using GPS constellation of satellites. He concluded his talk with a suggestion that the earthquake zone should be reclassified and the necessary building standards be enforced accordingly.

Dr Aatre in his talk stressed that science involves efforts to extend the horizons of knowledge rather than merely developing products. He recalled the greatest revolutions of science during the last century and specially mentioned the discovery of Plank's Constant and Quantum Theory .He said that, Max Plank's findings led to a large number of revolutionary concepts in the 20th century. He also mentioned Lorenz's Chaos Theory as another revolution in the modern day science. He further advised the scientists to read the history of science to know the genesis of scientific discoveries and the manner in which they influence the society .On this occasion, the scientists from the Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL), Ambernath, demonstrated a 5 kW power pack based on phosphoric acid fuel cells developed by them. Dr Aatre switched on the system, transferring the electric load of the dias to the system. He joined the entire audience in congratulating the scientists of NMRL for their achievement. The various DRDO labs/estts also celebrated the Science Day at local level. Some highlighted are:

ARDE PuneA view of the National Science Day Celebrations of Some of the labs/estts

Two lectures were organised: (i) An invited lecture on Human Genome and its Implications by Dr Dileep Deobagkar, Prof & Head, Dept of Zoology, University of Pune and (ii) the Science Oration by a Young Scientist Shri Dheeraj Saxena, Sci B, on Heat Transfer Analysis in a Barrel.

CABS, Bangalore

Shri A Vengadarajan, Sci D, delivered a talk on An Introduction to Space Time Adaptive Processing (STAP) for Airborne Radars.

CASSA, Bangalore

Dr NK Srinivasan, Director, CASSA, shared some of the moments and experiences of his association with Sir CV Raman. A Science Quiz was conducted by Dr AM Nageswara Yogi. Science Day Oration was delivered by Shri D Vijay Rao, Sci D, on How to Build Quality Software Products through Testing and Quality Assurance. Three more lectures were delivered one each by Shri HV Srinivasa Rao, Sci F; Smt S Vimala, Sci D; and Shri T Kunjachan, Sci D.

CVRDE, Avadi

The Science Day Oration was delivered by Shri S Srinivasa Rao, Sci D, on Information Communication & Entertainment Technologies. A quiz programme on science , technology, Defence and DRDO, and current affairs was also organised.


Prof LS Kotahri, former Head, Deptt of Physics, University of Delhi, was the guest speaker and spoke on Wonder that is Neutron. Shri Sumit Goswaml, Sclentist B, DESIDOC, delivered the Science Day Oration on DESIDOC Website-A Window to Information Technology. 

DIPR, Delhi

Smt Farah Kidwai, Sci C, presented a paper titled Interpersonal Violence among Armed Forces Units Deployed in Insurgency Areas.

DL, Jodhpur

The Science Day Oration was delivered by Dr SR Vadera, Sci E, on Conducting Polymers: Emerging Materials for Defence Applications. Dr Ram Gopal, Director, DLJ, presented best scientific paper award and distributed prizes to the Winners of the science quiz competition.

DLRL, Hyderabad

Several papers were presented by DLRL scientists on Satellite SIGINT, Multi- threat handling, EW against SAMS, DRFM, Microwave Super Components, Trend in Antennas and Radomes, etc. Shri A Rama Rao, Sci G & Director, Air Force Systems, presented the Science Day Oration on Airborne Electronic Warfare Systems.

GTRE Bangalore

A lecture was delivered by Shri U Chandrasekhar, Sci E, on Application of Rapid Prototyping for Design and Development of Kaveri Engine Components.


Dr Paul Ratnasamy, Director, National Chemical Laboratory, who was the Chief Guest delivered a talk on Fuels Cells-A More Efficient Source of Electricity .Dr Haridwar Singh, Director, HEMRL, presided over the function. Dr SN Asthana, Sci E, HEMRL, gave an oration on Integrated Approach to Synthesize Modern High Energy Materials (HEMs) for Advanced Propellant Systems. A competition was also organised on 26 February 2001 where presentations were made by 11 scientists on their work; four meritorious presentations were selected for awards.

INMAS, Delhi

Maj Gen T Ravindranath, AVSM, VSM, Addl Director, delivered the Science Day Oration' on Indigenous Development of Maxillo-facial Devices.

IRDE, Dehradun

Dr R Hradaynath, ex-Director & Distinguished Scientist, IRDE and an eminent scientist in the field of optics and opto-electronics delivered a talk on Perception and Evaluation of Technology . Shri BS Chauhan delivered the Science Day Oration on Airborne Infrared Search and Track System-A Key to Modern Warfare highlighting the upcoming technologies. A science quiz was also organized in which students of 13 schools participated.

LRDE, Bangalore

Dr UK Revankar, Sci F, delivered National Science Day oration on Active Aperture Array Radar-An Overview. The function was presided over by Shri GSK Rao, Sci G, Officiating Director, LRDE.

NPOL, Kochi

Shri HRS Sastry, Associate Director, NPOL, delivered the Science Day Oration on Engines of Creation. Dr Balasubramanian, Sci F; Dr DD Ebenezer, Sci E; and Smt R Pradeepa, Sci C; delivered the Science Day lectures.

PXE, Balasore

Prof SK Sarangi, Indian Institute of Technology (lIT), Kharagpur, delivered a lecture on Cryogenic Engineering while Shri N Nayak, Sci D, PXE, delivered a lecture on Corrosion and Coatings.

RCI, Hyderabad

Prof B Yagnanarayana, Department of Computer Sciences, IIT M, Chennai, gave Science Day Oration on Blotzmann Machine Application to Image Processing, while Shri K Rambabu, Sci E, DIIRSP, spoke on Quantum Computing. Shri AK Chakrabarti, Sci G, presented mementos to the two scientists.

R&DE (Engrs), Pune

Col SR Dharwadkar delivered a note on the importance of the Science Day followed by a paper presentation by Dr RN Sarwade, Sci F and Shri PK Chattopadhyaya, Sci D, R&DE (Engrs), on   Identification of the High Risk Component of a Mobile Launcher Based on FEMA Study and its Reliability Estimation by Non-Parametric Method.

SASE, Chandigarh

Prof Ashok Sahani, Dean, Dept of Geology, Punjab University, Chandigarh, delivered a talk on Dynamic Earth System, Moving Plates and Seismic Hazards. Shri Amreek Singh, Sci B, delivered the Science Day oration on Avalanche Forecasting through Snow Cover Model and Automatic Weather Station and IT -Based Future Vision. A science quiz was also organised as a part of the celebration. .

sspl, Delhi

A series of lectures were delivered: Technology Trends in MM Wave Systems by Shri Vir Pal Singh, Sci E, DEAL, Dehradun and Current Techniques & Technology for IC Design & Modeling by Prof SK Kaul, lIT, Delhi, and Shri Arvind Kumar Gupta, Sci D, sspl, Delhi delivered the Science Day oration on Device Circuit Interaction Modeling of 94 GHz IMPATTs. Dr Vikram Kumar, Director, sspl, presented the awards.

TBRL, Chandigarh

Dr S Prakash, Dean, Faculty of Sciences, Punjab University , Chandigarh, delivered a lecture on Stress Field in Metals. The Science Day Oration was delivered by Shri VK Sharma, Sci F, on Role of Shaped Charge Warhead in the Coming Decade.

VRDE, Ahmednagar

A lecture was organised on Revolution in IT and how it can be used for betterment of the Nation. Besides, a debate among 200 students from schools and colleges was organised on Revolution in IT as a Boon or Curse for the Indian Society .Display of charts and models on the theme was also arranged by the students. Lt Gen Tej Paul, Director, VRDE, distributed certificates and prizes to the students. On the occasion, the National Centre for Automotive Testing (NCAT) of the Establishment was kept open for the public.