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   analysis, simulation and modelling, system         testing kit, phase change material (PCM) cool
   design and signal processing                       vests and caps.

• Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) oceanography           Core Competence/Thrust Areas
• Design and development of underwater electro-
                                                      • Camouflage and Low Observable Technologies
   acoustic transducers                               • Nuclear Radiation Management and Applications
                                                      • Desert Environment S&T
• Development of passive acoustic materials
                                                      Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory
   for sonar systems                                  (DMRL)

Naval Science and Technological Laboratory (NSTL)          DMRL Hyderabad, has developed and
                                                      established a number of frontline technologies
     NSTL Visakhapatnam, carries out focused          in the area of metallurgy and material science.
research on design and development of underwater      DMRL has acquired a special status as primer
weapons such as torpedoes, mines and decoys,          centre for R&D in metals, alloys, ceramics and
propulsion and fire control systems, weapon           composites. The developments at DMRL have led
launchers and countermeasures. NSTL also              to creation of new technology and production
spearheads studies on signature control technologies  centers in the country. They are:
that are very vital to survival of the country’s
fleet at sea. Backed up by unique, world-class        • Mishra Dhatu Nigam (MIDHANI) Hyderabad
test facilities, NSTL provides immense value-         • Heavy Alloy Penetrator Plant (HAPP)
addition to the country’s defence-preparedness.
Core Competence/Thrust Areas
                                                      • International Advanced Research Centre for
• Underwater weapons: light weight and heavy
                                                         Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI)
   weight torpedoes, fire control systems, launchers     Hyderabad
   and target simulators
                                                      • Non Ferrous Technology Development Centre
• Warship technology and stealth
• Hydrodynamic research and design support               (NFTDC) Hyderabad

   for naval platforms                                • Titanium sponge production (at KMML,

MATERIALS                                                Chavara, Kerala)

Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur (DLJ)                     • Investment Casting of Nickel-based Superalloys

     Defence Laboratory Jodhpur, is primarily            (at HAL Koraput)
oriented to solve the problems faced by the
troops operating in desert environment. The           • Naval Steel Plates and bulb bars (at SAIL
lab is also involved in R&D of signature
management in multispectral regions (VIS-                and Krishna Industries)
NIR-TIR-MW), materials/coatings/sheets for
multispectral camouflage applications, deception      • Armour Technology Center (ATC) Hyderabad
devices, mock-ups, thermal targets, nuclear
radiation sensors and contamination monitoring        Core Competence/Thrust Areas
equipment, water purification technologies,
materials/technologies for heat management,           • Armour technologies and materials
soil-stabilisation technologies. Some of the          • Materials of warships and submarines
products developed by the laboratory are:             • Airframe structures and aero-engine materials
aqueous foam generating system, gamma flash           • Materials for missiles
sensor, roentgenometer, radio photo luminescence      • Functional materials and their thin films for
(RPL) dosimeter and reader, integrated field
shelter, NBC recce vehicle, water/liquid/food            devices
contamination monitoring system, field water
                                                      Defence Materials and Stores Research and
                                                      Development Establishment (DMSRDE)

                                                           DMSRDE Kanpur, is carrying out R&D in

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