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     NS&M cluster is headquartered at                   for underwater, ground, and space uses, e.g.
Vishakhapatnam and is headed by Dr. SV                  submarines, warships, aircrafts and exo-atmospheric
Kamat, Distinguished Scientist. It consists of          missiles.
two domains, viz. Naval Systems and Materials.
                                                        NAVAL SYSTEMS
     Naval Systems: India has over 7000 km of
maritime boundary. Recognising the importance of        Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL)
this strategic asset, DRDO has three laboratories
working exclusively for naval applications,                  NMRL Ambernath, under its present charter
keeping in mind the requirements for weapons            has been pursuing basic research as well as
and sensors of our naval forces. The sphere of          application oriented technology development in
activity covers sonar systems, torpedoes and            several frontier areas like metallurgy, polymer,
anti-torpedo systems/weapons and materials              ceramics, coating, corrosion, electrochemical
for naval applications. The labs are:                   protection, marine biology and environmental
                                                        sciences. NMRL has been given the status of
• Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL),           single window for Air Independent Propulsion
                                                        (AIP) technology for naval platforms.
                                                        Core Competence/Thrust Areas
• Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory
                                                        • Development of metallic, polymeric, ceramic
   (NPOL), Kochi
                                                           and composites materials
• Naval Science and Technological Laboratory
                                                        • Processing technologies for materials and
   (NSTL), Vishakhapatnam
                                                           their characterisation
     The cluster has recorded significant achievements
in the past e.g. first indigenously developed           • Development of fuel cell power packs
integrated submarine sonar and tactical fire            • Development of advanced protective technologies
control system ‘Pachendriya’, the helicopter sonar
system ‘Mihir’, state-of-the-art hull mounted              for marine applications
panoramic sonar ‘HUMSA’, light weight torpedo
‘TAL’, Processor Based Ground Mine (PBGM),              • Bio-remediation of marine environment
Submarine Fired Decoy (SFD), piezo-composite            • Failure investigation of marine materials,
transducer elements, ceramics for body and
vehicle armours, and various paints technologies           components and systems
for corrosion protection.
                                                        Naval Physical Oceanographic Laboratory
     Materials: Development of sophisticated            (NPOL)
weapon systems and products is to a great
extent dependent on the basic raw materials and              NPOL Kochi, is the premier research laboratory
processing techniques. DRDO has a cluster of            under DRDO mandated with the design and
three labs looking exclusively for the materials        development of state-of-the-art and reliable
development for its next generation products.           underwater sensors and surveillance systems
These laboratories are:                                 for naval applications. NPOL is committed to
                                                        achieving this mandate through sustained efforts
• Defence Laboratory (DL), Jodhpur                      in research, innovation, prototype development,
• Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory             technology transfer, system installation and
                                                        user trials on naval platforms. The key research
   (DMRL), Hyderabad                                    areas at NPOL include the design of acoustic
                                                        transducers, algorithms and embedded systems,
• Defence Materials and Stores Research and             mechanical engineering solutions for challenging
                                                        ocean applications, signal conditioning and
   Development Establishment (DMSRDE), Kanpur           telemetry and oceanography.

     These laboratories provide a variety of            Core Competence/Thrust Areas
specialised materials, technologies and equipments
                                                        • Development of sonar systems which includes

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