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Stand-off Antitank (SANT) Guided Missile              the production lot of M/s Economic Explosives
                                                      Ltd., Nagpur (ToT holder) were successfully
     DRDO is involved in design, development          completed. All the GSQR parameters have been
and technology demonstration of SANT Guided           met with adequate margins.
Missile. During Mar 2017, instrumentation and         Fine β-HMX and RDX Explosives
transfer alignment trials from Mi-35 helicopter
were carried out at Chandigarh wherein a total             Fine β-HMX and RDX explosives have been
of 8 sorties were carried out and the entire          developed and characterised for advanced propellant
helicopter envelope was covered. A combined           formulations and ToT given to two private firms
captive instrumentation and transfer alignment        (M/s Economic Explosives Ltd., Nagpur and
trial was also carried out in Jul 2017 at Chandigarh  M/s Premier Explosives Ltd., Secunderabad).
with refined and upgraded TA algorithm in             Instrumented and Mechanised Drop Test
which four helicopter sorties were conducted          Facility (IMDTF) at TBRL Ramgarh Range
and vibration data at various locations of SANT
weapon system was measured during all sorties.             IMDTF is established at TBRL to meet the
Entire set of SANT hardware with standby for 2        IM Tests requirements as per NATO (15 m drop
flight worthy SANT missiles have been realised        height) and Russian (17m drop height) standards
and completed SOFT.                                   for live systems of 1000 kg class.

Smart Anti Air Field Weapon (SAAW)                                                      Drop Test Facility

     SAAW is long-range, stand-off, precision
air-to-surface weapon (125 kg class) capable of
engaging ground targets. Three release trials
with different flight conditions were successfully
conducted in Nov 2017 from Jaguar aircraft.

Ku-band Active Radar Seeker (Ku-band ARS)

     DRDO has undertaken a project for the
development of indigenous Ku-band seekers
leading to production. First batch of five seekers
are being developed with participation of M/s BEL.
Two seekers from this lot have completed AT and
one of the seeker has been flight tested in Akash
Mk-1S mission during Dec 2017 successfully for
the first time. This seeker was also successfully
tested in CFT with different flight engagement
profiles in Astra weapon system configuration
on Su-30 aircraft at Pune AF station.

Production of Multi-Mode Hand Grenade

     During the year, DGQA evaluations and
User trials of Multi-Mode Hand Grenade from

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