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FoV seeker was carried out at HAL, Bengaluru              New Generation Anti-Radiation Missile
and at Chennai against tank during Oct and                (NGARM)
Nov 2017 for the Indian Air Force.
                                                               DRDO is involved in the design and development
                     Anti-Tank Guided Missile ‘HeliNa’    of NGARM having a range of 100 km. AKU-
                                                          58 launcher after suitable modification will
Anti-Tank Missile ‘PROSPINA’                              be used for missile integration on Su-30 MKI
     ‘Nag’ is a third generation Anti-Tank Missile        aircraft. During the year, Captive Flight Trials
                                                          (CFT-2) sorties were carried out at AF Station,
with ‘Fire & Forget’ and ‘Top Attack’ capabilities,       Pune with Su-30 MKI aircraft demonstrating
which can be used in day and night. It is deployed        avionics and mechanical integration of missile
on a specially modified ICV BMP-2 vehicle called           with aircraft. Passive homing head seeker has
‘NAMICA’. Lab testing and evaluation of 1.5o FoV          been realised and the lab testing evaluation of
IIR seeker at max range (4 km) was carried out            the seeker with radome has been completed.
in Mar 2017. Tracking trials of high resolution           In addition, integrated static firing of dual
IIR seeker were carried out during May/Jun 2017           pulse rocket motor has also been successfully
wherein max range capability of IIR seeker was            demonstrated.
established. Flight performance seeker evaluation
trials and flight trials of NAG were carried out                          NGARM Integrated with Su-30MKI for CFT
at PFFR Pokhran in Jun 2017. Minimum range
static target flight test and moving target flight          Solid-Fuel Ducted Ramjet (SFDR) Technology
test were carried out in Sep 2017 and NAMICA              for Air-Launched Tactical Missiles
floatation trials were carried out at Mula dam,
Ahmednagar, during Oct 2017.                                   The state-of-the-art SFDR is a joint development
Quick Reaction Surface-to-Air Missile                     project between DRDO and Russia. SFDR is
(QRSAM)                                                   designed with an advanced propulsion system
                                                          having thrust modulation using hot gas flow
     QRSAM weapon system is capable of search-            controller. The missile is configured with reduced
on-move, track-on-move and fire on short halts            smoke nozzle less booster, having a range of
while engaging multiple targets at ranges of about        120 km at 8 km altitude with a speed of 2.3-2.5
30 km with two vehicle configuration for area             Mach. During the year, air intake model testing
Air Defence. During the year, two developmental           was completed. Full scale testing of nozzle less
flight tests of missile against a simulated target        booster, sustainer and fuel flow controller with
were conducted from ITR,Chandipur.                        Indian/Russian materials completed with M/s
                                                          Rosoboron Export (M/s ROE), Russia. Wind
                   Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile  tunnel model testing of SFDR with ground
                                                          launch booster in NAL was also completed.
                                                          Liquid Fuel Ramjet Engine (LFRJ)

                                                               DRDL has taken a technology demonstration
                                                          project to design and develop 350 mm diameter
                                                          LFRJ for potential applications in missiles and

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