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carried out. Complete destruction of Banshee        is undertaken for deployment by Infantry and
PTA with warhead missile was observed. Seven        Parachute Battalions of the Indian Army. It
Astra missiles were successfully launched from      is intended to be a replacement for second
Su-30 MKI aircraft in Aug-Sep 2017 which            generation MILAN & Konkurs ATGMs, in service
proved supersonic air launch, warhead launch        with the Indian Army. During the year, missile
& Banshee PTA destruction, indigenous Ku-           was configured within 14.5 kg to maintain man
band RF seeker evaluation and multi-target          portability and with a minimum lateral CG
launch scenario.                                    offset. Proto Seeker Front-end was realised and
                                                    image tracking trials were carried out in Pokhran
                                  Astra Air Launch  in Sep 2017. Pop-Out tests were carried out
                                                    to prove ‘Soft’ Launch Propulsion. Integrated
Akash Mk-1S Surface-to-Air Missile                  Static Tests was carried out to characterize the
     Akash Mk-1S is the upgradation of Akash        TVC for flight tests. Stand-alone tests of Pre-
                                                    cursor Charge and Main Charge were carried
missile with indigenous RF seeker. During the       out. Tandem Warhead testing is in progress.
flight test held on 5th Dec 2017 against Banshee
target, the integration of indigenous RF seeker     Third Generation Helicopter Launch Anti-
with basic missile configuration was proved.        Tank Guided Missile ‘HeliNa’
Man-Portable Anti-Tank Guided Missile
(MPATGM)                                                 HeliNa is a third generation helicopter launch
                                                    anti-tank guided missile with Lock-On-Before-
     MPATGM is a third generation ATGM with         Launch (LOBL) capability with imaging Infra-Red
‘Fire and Forget’ and ‘Top Attack’ capabilities,    (IIR) for integration on ALH. HeliNa weapon
which can be used by day and night. Design          system comprises four launchers, eight missiles
and Development of MPATGM weapon system             and one fire control system. Captive Flight
                                                    Trials (CFT) was conducted in Apr 2017 at
                                                    Bengaluru wherein realisation of target handing
                                                    over scheme for HeliNa was achieved. HeliNa
                                                    shake down sortie at HAL Bengaluru with IAF
                                                    helicopter was completed during May 2017
                                                    in which launch control system with target
                                                    handing over capability was proven. Direct drive
                                                    performance of IIR Field of View (FoV) seeker
                                                    was proven and successfully demonstrated in
                                                    guided ground flight trials at Rajasthan in Sep
                                                    2017. The range assessment for improved IIR

                Pop-Out Testing

MPATGM missile

                                                                                                      Static Launcher

                                                               Man-Portable Anti-Tank Guided Missile

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