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     Defence research continues to be the most dynamic and innovation-driven
domain with stringent focus on development time. During these five decades,
DRDO has grown into India’s premier defence research organisation, overcoming
the challenges of technology-denial regimes, limited indigenous industrial
capability, and its own technology-learning curve.

     The Annual Report 2017 of DRDO showcases its accomplishments to
people of India and also to its stakeholders which include the Defence Forces,
Paramilitary Forces and development and industrial partners. The document
recognises the important projects and achievements of DRDO which go a long
way to demonstrate the preparedness and technological advancement of the
Organisation and cultivate avenues for new collaborations and partnerships.
The Organisation is clustered into 7 technological domains and has partnership
with over 180 academic institutions, 15 national S&T agencies, 9 Defence Public
Sector Undertakings (PSUs), Ordnance Factories (OFs), and more than 1000
private sector enterprises.

     The DRDO Annual Report 2017 shares with its readers the mission, activities,
and successes of the Organisation during 2017. It brings out the technological
bottlenecks faced and the success stories that DRDO wants to share.

     During 2017, DRDO delivered as well as initiated another strong portfolio
of products and projects. About 64 projects were initiated at a total cost of `
21,505 Cr and 36 projects were successfully completed at a total cost of ` 779
Cr. Our budget was ` 14,818.74 Cr for 2017.

     It is hoped that this Report will place DRDO at a distinctive position with
regard to GoI’s initiatives in this era of transformation and will also present a
comprehensive picture of the work and achievements of DRDO in 2017, thus
providing a useful insight to concerned agencies and policy makers.

                                                                                       Dr. Zakwan Ahmed
                                                                                 Outstanding Scientist &
                                                                                 Director General (R&M)

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