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the concentration of the analyte by controlling            Multi-Agent Robotics System (MARS)
the MFCs. Sensing of ammonia and NO2 has
been carried out for a wide range in the lab                    The objective of the project is to develop a
environment and cross-sensitivity studies of               multi agent robotics framework which enables
ammonia and NO2 over each other is being                   context-based collaboration to achieve mission
carried out. Sniffing mode and flow mode set-up            objectives with multiple heterogeneous robotic
in manual mode have been made and used for                 platforms. The fabrication and assembly of
sensor characterisation. Design of sniffing and            first prototype of three platform i.e., Ballbot,
flow mode set-ups in automated mode is being               Sentry and Mini UGV have been completed.
carried out.                                               The initial evaluation of multi-robot exploration,
COMPUTATIONAL SYSTEMS                                      localisation and mapping algorithm have been
Verify Organise Maintain Analyse (VYOMA)                   completed with two Sentry robots. Integration of
                                                           various intelligence algorithms with application
     DRDO has taken a new project to build an              software and framework is progressing as per
easy-to-use information repository of ‘Signal              the plan.
Intelligence Reports’ and ‘Signal Intelligence
Summaries’ with semantic querying facilities,              Security Technologies to Support Tactical
social network analysis, spatial and temporal              Communication System
visualisation over digital maps. During the year,
PDR of the software system was completed.                       Security technologies required for end-point
PoC/prototypes for various modules were                    security, high speed in-line security, key material
developed. A part of test setup facility with              generation and distribution for TCS are developed
video teleconferencing has been established.               and demonstrated on experimental platforms.
Indian Maritime Situational Awareness                      These technologies shall be adapted suitably
System (IMSAS)                                             in the security devices identified as part of the
                                                           security architecture of TCS.
     IMSAS is being developed by DRDO which
incorporates comprehensive situational picture             Small Intelligent Unmanned Aerial System
based on Indian Navy’s requirements. During
the year, PDR has been completed and Build 1                    CAIR has established a quad-copter flying
field testing of IMSAS was completed.                      platform with way-point navigation capability.
                                                           CAIR has established real-time human/object
             Indian Maritime Situational Awareness System  detection algorithms. A new dataset has been
                                                           created for evaluation of the algorithms.

                                                           System for High Assurance Data Encryptor

                                                                CAIR has designed and developed the system
                                                           which generates the cryptogram that can be
                                                           transmitted over internet. Solution is evaluated
                                                           successfully and delivered to GOI Agency in
                                                           Jul 2017.

                                                           Secure Handsets

                                                                CAIR has designed and developed prototype
                                                           model of secure handsets for GoI Users and
                                                           Defence Forces. The secure handset is a high
                                                           assurance mobile communication device that
                                                           facilitates secure transmission of voice and
                                                           message communication over 3G/4G cellular
                                                           networks. Ten nos. of these secure handsets
                                                           were handed over to LEA for their evaluation

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