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X-band Pulsed Helix TWT for Radar                           During the year, design of MBK and EPC
Applications                                           sub-systems was finalized. Jigs & fixture design
                                                       and engineering design of all the sub-systems
     The X-band Pulsed Helix TWT is being              were completed. Preliminary prototype of the
developed for replacing imported TWTs used             EPC was assembled and tested with available
in Precision Approach Radar PAR2080C by the            MBK load. Sub-system level tests on various
IAF. This TWT is being indigenised jointly with        sub-systems of the MBK were carried out. First
M/s BEL. During the year, beam-stick to prove          prototype of the MBK and EPC is under assembly.
the Gridded electron gun and beam transport
system has been developed. Hot stuffing process        Ground-based High Power Microwave (HPM)
was established; hot stuffing of input and output      Directed-Energy Weapon System
section was completed. RF arm brazing process
is under development.                                       MTRDC has taken up a project to develop
                                                       a HPM system that can generate 500 MW of
Ku-Band TWTA for Aerospace Application                 RF power in S-band which will be affecting
                                                       drones at a distance of 5 km. During the year,
     This Project has been taken up to establish       PDR of 100 Hz pulse power system has been
the technologies for space-grade TWT and MPM.          completed. Design of relativistic BWO is being
Specifications have been finalised after discussions   finalised. Design of Horn antenna with gain of
with RCI and LRDE. Three stage collector for           20 dB has been completed. Vulnerability studies
the present Ku-band TWT has been developed             on UAV electronics are being carried out.
and successfully tested for its performance in
a similar TWT. Development orders have been            Ku-band MPM-based Transmitter for Satellite
placed on GAETEC for the development of                Data Link
space-qualified SSPA and on BEL for concurrent
development of TWTA. Development of the lab                 The Project’s objective is the development
models of TWT is under progress.                       of compact MPM based transmitter for satellite
                                                       data-link for UAV ‘Rustom-II’. The first production
Ku-Band Multiple Beam Klystron (MBK)-                  model has been manufactured and is being
based Transmitter for Compact Seeker                   tested at BEL. Qualification tests (QTs) have
                                                       been completed with Regional Directorate of
     The Project has been taken up for inhouse design  Aeronautical Quality Assurance (RD AQA), IAF.
and development of multiple beam klystron (MBK)        Functional tests and power burn-in test have
transmitters for compact seekers. Indigenisation       been completed successfully.
of the RF seeker for missiles is being done by
RCI. One of the important part of the seeker
is the RF transmitter. The transmitter employs
a highly complex device called MBK, which is
presently imported and needs to be indigenised.
The present project has been taken up for the
in-house design and development of MBK based
transmitter for compact seekers like Astra, QRSAM
and other similar class of compact seekers.

Solid model of EPC and MBK                             Ku band MPM transmitter

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