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the technologies for high average power and high       gyrotrons developed worldwide are used for
efficiency TWTs suitable for EW applications.          heating of plasma in the thermonuclear fusion
This TWT and its variants are expected to              reactors. Gyrotrons are also used for the sintering
find applications in future generation defence         of ceramics with nanocrystalline grain boundaries.
systems that are being developed by DRDO like          As the Defence and homeland security needs
EW systems, advanced missile seekers, modern           are concerned, the most relevant application
imaging radars, radar simulators, etc. During          of gyrotron is in the millimeter wave radars
the year, electron gun design has been revised         and Active Denial System (ADS). The scope of
(for lower beam diameter) and fabricated. The          the project is to develop prototypes of W-band
TWT-4 has been integrated. Testing of the TWT-         gyrotrons suitable for millimeter wave radars
4 is in progress.                                      for space surveillance and ballistic missile re-
                                                       entry measurements etc. The proposed gyrotron
                      C-X-Ku-band Helix TWT Prototype  can also be used in ADS for controlling the
                                                       LIC. During the year, development of two HV
C-X-Ku Band Microwave Power Module                     seals, sub-assemblies viz. anode, cavity, mirror
(MPM) for EW POD                                       box, mirrors, fixtures for window brazing and
                                                       collector brazing has been completed. Antennae
     The project involves design and development       has been designed by DEAL. Studies on effect
of: phase and gain matched C-Ku band 100 W             of radiation (X-band) have been completed by
(CW) compact MPM for EW-POD and high-                  DIPAS.
efficiency C-Ku band 100 W (min) CW micro-
TWT. ATP of MPM with indigenous tube has                                 Gyrotron: Solid-model and components
been successfully completed. CDR was carried
out on 8th Feb 2017. Two MPMs have been
developed and ATP carried out. Micro TWTs
have been developed jointly with M/s BEL.
Gain equaliser has been developed by M/s BEL,
Bengaluru as per MTRDC design.

                                 C-X-Ku-band MPM       mm-Wave CCTWT for Radar Application

High Power mm-Wave Gyrotron                                 The Project has been taken up to indigenise
                                                       the CCTWT used in ‘Atulya’ radar being jointly
     Gyrotron is a futuristic device suitable for      developed by LRDE and BEL. During the year,
generating high power ranging from 100’s of            one gun-collector module and one beam stick
kW to few MW at frequencies starting from              tube were fabricated, processed and tested.
millimeter wave to THz regime. Majority of             Electron gun gave the required cathode current
                                                       of 650 mA at the designed cathode voltage.
                                                       The Grid current observed was less than 9
                                                       mA in the second beam stick tube against the
                                                       specification of 50 mA (max) and 70 per cent
                                                       electron beam transmission achieved. The first
                                                       prototype is expected to be ready by Mar 2018.

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