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of application specific cores based on Xtensa Core.  for launch computer software of ASL and AHL
The Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) of these      solution based SUSE 11.3 for avionics system
cores is designed to achieve high application        of CABS have been developed.
level throughput for the respective applications.
During the year, UVM based verification and          S-band Digital Multimedia Broadcast (DMB)
emulation process has been established. Concurrent   Terminal for Satellite Communication
development flow for hardware and software of        (AMBAR)
System-on-Chip (SoC) using virtual prototype
has been established.                                     AMBAR is ANURAG’s hand held Multimedia
                                                     Broadcast Receiver Terminal for GSAT-6 Satellite.
ANURAG Router (Anurouter)                            This broadcasting service is to extend audio,
                                                     video content like weather information, tactical
     The objective of the project is to design and   EOB, maps, etc. AMBAR supports different data
develop indigenous router using commercial           rates of content with maximum data rate of 2
multicore processor tile Gx16/36 and indigenous      Mbps. AMBAR’s content server and AMBAR’s
Avadhani processor. During the year, PCB design      modulator have been setup at GSAT-6 Satellite
of hardware platform has been completed and          Hub located at DEAL, Dehradun. AMBAR terminal
sent for fabrication.                                has been tested with the impressive performance
                                                     of sensitivity of -107 dBm for 2 Mbps data rate.
Anuwap                                               AMBAR terminal has been enhanced with Content
                                                     On Demand feature by integrating it with the
     Anuwap Project aims at design and development   DEAL designed transmitter. During the year,
of System on Chip (SoC) for wearable applications.   S-DMB receiver terminal and AMBAR ruggedised
Anuwap SoC integrates high performance ARM           terminals were developed by M/s BEL.
Cortex A dual-core with Mali GPU and standard
interfaces with display camera, USB and GPS. During        AMBAR Satellite Receiver Terminal
the year, wrist wearable prototype computer has
been developed successfully and demonstrated. Dual   EMPF
Core Cortex A9 high performance processor has
been developed for various embedded applications.         A Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
                                                     packaging facility has been established by
Anusandesh                                           commissioning twenty-four MEMS packaging
                                                     equipment in the clean rooms and installation
     Anusandesh Project has been undertaken          of design tool set for packaging at STAR-C,
to develop SoC for communication applications        Bengaluru. Packaging of specified number of
to provide good communication capability to          MEMS pressure sensors, MEMS acceleration
Defence Forces. Under this project an ARM            sensors and micro-bolometers has been carried
based Baseband SoC has been developed. This          out to validate the functionality of the equipment.
SoC contains a state-of-the-art DSP core for
signal processing applications. This SoC is being    300W C-X-Ku Band Helix Traveling Wave Tube
evaluated by user lab, DEAL. During the year,        (TWT)
acceptance of Baseband (Black) SoC by DEAL
was achieved.                                        The Project has been taken up for developing

New Operating System (AnuOS)

     The scope of the Project includes hardening
of existing commercial and open source operating
systems and design and prototyping of indigenous
trusted Operating System (OS) kernel. During
the year, ANURAG Hardened Linux (AHL) v3
based on RHEL 6.2 has been integrated with
Combat Management System (CMS) and delivered
at WESEE. AHL solution based on RHEL 5.4

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