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     MED and CoS cluster is headquartered at            technology areas encompassing High Performance
New Delhi and is headed by Dr. G. Athithan,             Computing, Trusted Computing Systems, and Digital,
Distinguished Scientist.The MED & CoS Cluster           Analogue and RF VLSI design and development.
encompasses two areas, viz., Micro Electronic           The group has been developing indigenous
Devices (MED) and Computational Systems (CoS).          solutions to meet Supercomputing requirements
                                                        of DRDO. It is developing indigenous Systems for
     Micro Electronic Devices: The MED cluster          Cyber Security and Trusted Computing, Trusted
focuses on thrust areas and technologies relating       Routers and Switches, Wearable computer, and
to microwave tubes, solid-state electronics             Modems. The laboratory has been designing Digital,
including micro-electronic device design and            Analog and RF VLSI circuits/systems to provide
manufacturing via Semiconductor Technology              indigenous solutions for electronic devices to be
and Applied Research Centre (STAR-C) and                used in major DRDO projects. It is also developing
Gallium Arsenide Enabling Technology Centre             System software for indigenously developed
(GAETEC). This cluster comprises following              Processors/Systems and scientific data visualisation.
three laboratories and two foundries:
                                                        Core Competence/Thrust Areas
• Advanced Numerical Research and Analysis
                                                        • High performance computing
   Group (ANURAG), Hyderabad                            • Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits (VLSI)

• Microwave Tube Research and Development                  design: digital and analog

   Centre (MTRDC), Bengaluru                            • Operating system, system software and

• Solid State Physics Laboratory (SSPL), Delhi             visualisation software

}• GAETEC Foundries under SITAR Society                 • System software development for custom

• STAR-C                                                   made processors

     Computational Systems: The CoS cluster             Microwave Tube Research and Development
focuses research in the technology areas of artificial  Centre (MTRDC)
intelligence, robotics, command and control,
networking, information and communication                    MTRDC Bengaluru has focus on research
security, cryptography, cryptology, information         and development in technologies relating to the
security, cyber security and ruggedized non-            development of Advanced Microwave Tubes and
recyclable media for secure key distribution            related Systems. The laboratory is developing
leading to development of mission critical              advanced Travelling Wave Tubes (TWTs) for
products for battle field communication and             applications in Electronic Warfare (EW) and
management systems.                                     Radars. The Centre is also developing Multi
                                                        Beam Klystrons (MBK)/Multi Beam TWTs and
This cluster comprises following three laboratories:    Microwave Power Modules (MPM) and MPM/
                                                        MBK-based transmitters for compact strategic
• Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics       systems. The laboratory is also working on
                                                        High Power microwave sources, mm wave Gyro
   (CAIR), Bengaluru.                                   devices and cathodes.

• Joint Cipher Bureau (JCB), Delhi.                     Core Competence/Thrust Areas
• Scientific Analysis Group (SAG), Delhi.
                                                        • Design and development of microwave tubes
                                                           for EW, communication and radar applications
Advanced Numerical Research and Analysis
Group (ANURAG)                                          • Design and development of high power coupled

     ANURAG Hyderababd, has focus on the                   cavity TWTs for radar applications

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