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Semi-Underground Storage Structure                      evaluate the thermal and non-thermal implications
                                                        of radiofrequency radiation on physiological
     Leh remains land-locked during winter and          responses, and alterations at biochemical and
transportation of various items including food          molecular levels. This facility can be explicitly
items hits severely during winters. During this         helpful for dose-response studies using varied
period, total army requirement for potatoes is          radiofrequency physical parameters, real-time
approximately 125 MT. To overcome this problem          behavioral monitoring of exposed animals and
and make continuous supply of potatoes during           for risk assessment to generate safety guidelines.
winters, DIHAR has developed zero energy
based semi-underground storage structures of            Combined Altitude Temperature and
30 MT capacity each. 125 MT of fresh potatoes           Humidity (CATH) Chamber
from farmers stored during November for use
of the Indian Army from Dec to May.                          CATH chamber can simulate pressure,
                                                        temperature, and humidity in its test space. It
Other Rank Trade Allocation System (ORTAS)              is also known as combined altitude, temperature
                                                        and humidity chamber primarily used in R&D
     In a bid to continuously improve the selection     and testing of aerospace components including
of jawans in the Indian Armed Forces, DIPR              life support devices. The chamber meets many
has developed ORTAS version 3 for 8 Arms                international standards. Capacity of the chamber
and Services and has handed it over to Indian           is 1000 litre and is fully automatic with safety
Army for selection of Ors.                              interlocks. It can simulate the temperature,
                                                        altitude and humidity profiles separately and
                                                        in combination. This facility can be used for
                                                        testing aerospace components including life-
                                                        support devices for fighter aircrafts. It can also
                                                        be used for testing the ground equipment for
                                                        Army, Navy and the Indian Air Force.

                    Other Rank Trade Allocation System  CATH Chamber

Radiofrequency Anechoic Chamber

     Recently, a highly sophisticated infrastructure
of ‘Fully-Shielded Radiofrequency Anechoic
Chamber’ has been installed at DIPAS to study
the bio-effects of broad range of radiofrequency
radiation exposure (900 MHz-100 GHz) on
experimental animal models. The facility aids to

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