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material for use during evening hours. The          farmers and ex-servicemen of West Kameng for
shelter, complete, or in part can be oxygenated     culturing entrepreneurship and solutions for
depending upon the requirement. It is meant         processing of locally grown fruits and vegetables
for 50 persons. The oxygen enriched shelter         to extend the shelf-life of their produce. The unit
developed by DIPAS has been handed over to          is equipped with instruments and machineries for
Army at Giagong, Sikkim.                            processing. A two-day training programme was
                                                    also conducted in collaboration with Agricultural
NBC Drugs Kit                                       and Processed Food Products Export Development
                                                    Authority (APEDA), Guwahati during second
     NBC and other life saving drugs for CBRN       week of December.
emergencies in a kit form have been handed over
to Army by the Hon’ble RM on 24th Mar 2017.         High SPF Sunscreen Cream
                                                         A sunscreen cream
Health Camp at Tawang
                                                    with SPF value 50+
     A Health Camp at Kuntse, Dudunghar,            has been developed
was organised by INMAS under Arunodaya              for protection against
Programme. The health camp witnessed more           UV radiation. The
than 200 patients of all age groups. Various        cream is water-
medicines were also distributed in the camp.        resistant and provides
                                                    4 hours of protectio
Meat Testing Kit                                    n against UVA and
                                                    UVB rays. ToT has
     Microbiologically unsound meat and cold-       been transferred to
slaughtered meat can cause serious health hazards   two companies for
and heavy economical losses. A test kit for frozen  production.
meat testing has been developed and National
Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration                                                               Sunscreen cream
Laboratories (NABL) accreditation has been
obtained. The test kit is simple, inexpensive,      Herbal Mosquito Repellant Cream/Spray
fast, reliable and easy to perform and enables           North-Eastern (NE) region is enriched with
screening of doubtful quality meat. 300 nos.
of frozen meat testing kits have been supplied      medical, insecticidal and repellent flora. This
and another 300 nos. of kits are ready for FIU,     flora has been screened for mosquito-repellent
ASC, Bengaluru for distribution.                    properties. Herbal spray and cream has been
                                                    developed to keep the mosquitoes away from
                                                    the human dwellings. It provides 8 hours of
                                                    protection against mosquito bites. It is completely
                                                    herbal without any synthetic repellent. ToT has
                                                    been transferred to industry for civilian use.

                                 Meat testing kit   Herbal Mosquito Repellant

Fruit and Vegetable Processing Unit at Salari
     A fruit and vegetable processing plant has

been established at DRL Dett., Salari, Arunachal
Pradesh to provide technical guidance to local

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