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Core Competence/Thrust Areas                         in the recent past has been the establishment
                                                     of NMR, PET-Cyclotron facility that has made
• Physical, chemical and medical protection          significant contributions in drug development
                                                     besides providing clinical support to the Armed
   against chemical and pathogenic microorganisms    forces, DRDO fraternity and society at large.
                                                     The institute also pursues a strong research
• Safety evaluation of hazardous chemicals,          program with application in various stress related
                                                     disorders using NMR techniques including
   referred compounds, and micro-organisms           metabolomics, in vivo spectroscopy and functional
                                                     MRI (fMRI).
• Control of vectors and protection of men           Core Competence/Thrust Areas

   and materials from insects and allied species     • Development of approaches for radioprotection

Defence Research Laboratory (DRL)                       and therapy

     DRL Tezpur, has been intensively engaged        • Development of molecular imaging drugs and
in carrying out concerted R&D efforts to evolve
sustainable technologies for health and hygiene         enhancers (DMIDE) and their applications
of North Eastern region. The laboratory has             for the Armed Forces
focused its research and development studies on
control of malaria, quality of drinking water, and   • Development of strategies for neuro-cognitive and
plant materials for human and animal causes.
The laboratory has field stations at Salari and         endocrine functional assessment in health and
Tawang.                                                 disease

Core Competence/Thrust Areas                         • Development of devices, technologies, strategies

• Studies on entomological aspects and development      and approaches for mitigation of NBC/CBRN
   of control measures
                                                     • CBRN Training
• Integrated control measures for weeds and
                                                     Significant Achievements during 2017
   pests                                             Portable-handheld Physiological Vital
                                                     Parameter Monitor (PPVPM)
• Utilisation of Bio-Diversity of North East
                                                          Portable-handheld Physiological Vital Parameter Monitor
   (NE) India for vector-borne diseases and
   other ailments                                         PPVPM is a portable multi-parameter device
                                                     used to gather various human physiological
• Monitoring of iron content in water and its


• Water quality testing and surveillance
• Mushroom production, vermicompost and

   organic farming for health and hygiene

Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied
Sciences (INMAS)

     INMAS Delhi is engaged in R&D activities in
the field of radiation and imaging sciences. Some
of the products developed/under developments
are: Single vial cold kit (Diagnomamo), vasodilator
ointments for cold injury, Inhalation therapy
for alveolar deposition (ITAD) therapy in cases
of high altitude pulmonary edema and acute
mountain sickness, gastric prokinator drugs
for instant action, RF coil for breast imaging,
motorized wheelchair, herbal radioprotectors
against ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and
NBC antidote formulations. A major development

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