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Haldwani, District- Nainital (Uttarakhand) and       • Assessment of nutritional requirements in
has field stations at Pithoragarh, Joshimath,
Auli, and Harsil.                                       different environmental conditions

Core Competence/Thrust Areas                         • Improving performance under different operational

• Eco-friendly technologies for bio-energy and          environments using suitable interventions

   bio-fuel                                          • Human Machine Interface issues for performance

• Bio-resource conservation, improvement and            improvement of Indian soldiers under different
                                                        occupational environments
   judicious utilisation
                                                     Defence Institute of Psychological Research
Defence Institute of High Altitude Research          (DIPR)
                                                          DIPR Delhi, was established for selection
     DIHAR Leh, is involved in R&D activities in     of officers for man intensive Armed Forces
the most difficult and harsh climate of Ladakh       and has completed more than seven decades of
to make this region economically self-reliant        dedicated service to the nation in general, and
by exploiting various aspects of agriculture,        Indian Armed Forces, in particular.
animal husbandry, cold desert flora and non-
conventional energy, with a view to provide          Core Competence/Thrust Areas
improved agro-animal and allied technologies,
not only to sustain the meager population            • Personnel selection research involving
but also the military and para-military forces
deployed here.                                          development of personality, intelligence and
                                                        aptitude tests
Core Competence/Thrust Areas
                                                     • Specialised intensive training in personality
• Cold arid agro animal technologies
• Screening and identifying medicinal and               assessment of candidates through various
                                                        psychological techniques
   aromatic plants to exploit these for use by
   the civilians in general and our troops in        • Organisational behaviour of the Armed Forces
   particular                                        • Research on human factors in man-machine

• Green house technologies for high altitude            systems and to study the effects of extreme
                                                        hostile environmental conditions on the
   and cold desert areas                                psychological adjustment, efficiency and well
                                                        being of the troops
Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied
Sciences (DIPAS)                                     • Experimental psychology and network based

     DIPAS Delhi, is mandated to keep the man           cognitive and psychomotor assessment system
behind the machine fighting fit. Accordingly,
DIPAS undertakes research in the field of            Defence Research and Development
physiology, human engineering, nutrition,            Establishment (DRDE)
biochemistry, psychology and clinical medicine
for optimisation of human performances in                 DRDE Gwalior, has been mandated to work
different occupational environmental conditions      on the detection, protection and decontamination
using physiological, biochemical, nutritional,       of chemical and biological warfare agents and
and ergonomic approaches.                            this core competence has been developed at
                                                     this Establishment over the last four decades.
Core Competence/Thrust Areas                         Today, DRDE has evolved as a Centre of
                                                     Excellence in ‘NBC Defence Technologies’. DRDE
• High altitude rapid induction and acclimatization  has become the first and the only lab of the
                                                     country which is designated by the OPCW for
   strategies                                        environmental as well as biomedical sample
                                                     analyses. DRDE also has ‘Chemical Defence
• Improving combat efficiency at HA                  Equipment Evaluation Facility’, at Borkhedi,

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