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     LS cluster has customised, adapted technologies,  agro-animal technologies, bio fuels and food
optimised and facilitated performance of human         technologies.
capital of the Indian Armed Forces for mission
achievements for the Nation. The operational           Defence Bio-engineering and Electromedical
needs of the Indian Defence Forces expose              Laboratory (DEBEL)
them to operate under harsh and inhospitable
environments in many parts of the country,                  DEBEL Bengaluru, is carrying out R&D
which can impact both physical as well as              activities in a number of interdisciplinary
mental performance of the soldiers. LS cluster         fields like bioengineering, textile technology,
is currently headed by Dr. (Mrs.) Shashi Bala          biotechnology, electro-medical instrumentation
Singh, Distinguished Scientist. The laboratories       and human engineering to meet the specific
under the cluster are:                                 requirements of the Indian Armed forces.

• Defence Bio-engineering and Electro-medical          Core Competence/Thrust Areas

   Laboratory (DEBEL), Bengaluru                       • Advanced life support systems
                                                       • Biomedical smart sensors based on MEMS
• Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL),
                                                          and ASIC technologies
                                                       • NBCD Equipment and biodefence
• Defence Institute of Bio-Energy Research             • Specialised analytical facility for submarines

   (DIBER), Haldwani                                      and underwater systems

• Defence Institute of High Altitude Research          • Nanotechnology based sensors, and systems

   (DIHAR), Leh                                        Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL)

• Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied                DFRL Mysore, caters to the varied food
                                                       challenges of our Army, Navy, Air Force and
   Sciences (DIPAS), Delhi                             other paramilitary forces. This is the only
                                                       laboratory exclusively engaged in Research
• Defence Institute of Psychological Research          and Development in the field of combat feeding
                                                       and military nutrition.
   (DIPR), Delhi
                                                       Core Competence/Thrust Areas
• Defence Research and Development Establishment
                                                       • Development of state-of-the-art food technologies
   (DRDE), Gwalior
                                                          including post harvest technology
• Defence Research Laboratory (DRL), Tejpur
• Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied             • Development of convenient and ready-to-eat

   Sciences (INMAS), Delhi                                food products

     The nine laboratories under Life Sciences         • Implementation of packaging systems and
cluster located in different parts of the country are
working with a mission to enhance survivability,          processing technologies for both fresh and
sustainability, mobility, performance, and                processed food
habitability of the soldiers in extreme and toxic
environments, high altitudes, deserts, under           • Testing and evaluation of food
water, aerospace, closed micro-environments
of ships, aircrafts and areas of LIC. These            Defence Institute of Bio-Energy Research
laboratories covers an entire gamut of areas           (DIBER)
ranging from bio-defence, nuclear, biological,
chemical protection and detection, man-machine              DIBER Haldwani, is engaged in the development
interface, life support systems for operations in      of cold-tolerant vegetable varieties, their agro-
air, land, and sea, optimising performance under       technologies for mountain regions and Bio-diesel
LIC environment, selection system, human-factor        for defence use. The laboratory is located at
engineering for weapon system, harnessing
nuclear medicine for diagnostic and therapeutic
applications, nutrition, specialised high altitude

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