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Long-Range Tracking Radar (LRTR)                      operation through Commanders Display Unit
     LRTR is active phased array radar in L band      with user-friendly Human Machine Interface
                                                      (HMI). It has integrated provision to transfer
with electronic steering both in azimuth and          target data to weapon location via wire/wireless
elevation. The radar can perform classification        mode through target-designation system to
and tracking of aircraft, missiles, interceptors,     facilitate engagement by weapons. The system
and satellites at high update rates subject to line-  is ready for User trials.
of-sight clearance and horizon. During the year,
SATs were completed and the system is ready
for deployment.

                          Long-Rang Tracking Radar    ‘Bharani’ Mk-II

Low-Level Light-Weight Radar (LLLWR) ‘Bharani’ Mk-II

     LLLWR ‘Bharani’ Mk-II is a 3-D surveillance
radar for detecting aerial targets for the Army
Air Defence. The radar has been designed for
portability, to enable operations both in plains
and desert terrain catering for quick installation
and decamping. It has the facility for remote

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