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cueing, locking, and tracking of aerial targets
(Quad-copter) successfully completed. Trials at
Chitradurga Range have been planned to be
conducted in 2018.

                        Electro-Optical Tracking System                           Medium Power Radar ‘Arudhra’

Laser Threat Detection and Decoy System for              Low Level Transportable Radar (LLTR)
Protection of High Value Assets (LTDDS)                  ‘Ashwini’

     Engineered deliverables (3 nos.) has been                LLTR ‘Ashwini’ is a ground-based S band
developed, realized, integrated & testing is in          rotating fully active phased array radar system
progress at field scenario at BEL, Sohna range.          for air space surveillance to detect and track air
                                                         targets, under hostile EW operational environments.
Pulsed Fibre Laser Sources (SPUND)                       DRDO evaluation trials and all the three Phases
                                                         of User trials of Ashwini radar at Kolar and
• Spund-I: 23 mW average power from single-              Gwalior, including MET have been completed.
                                                         LLTR ‘Ashwini’ has been selected for participation
   stage Erbium fibre amplifier through backward         in the Republic Day Parade 2018.
   pumping was achieved.
                                                                          Low Level Transportable Radar ‘Ashwini’
• Spund-II: 250 mW average power through bi-
                                                         Weapon Locating Radar (WLR) ‘Swathi’
   directional pumping of single stage Ytterbium-             WLR ‘Swathi’ is coherent, electronically,
   doped Fibre laser amplifier and 4 W average
   power in extra cavity SHG configuration was           scanned C band phased array radar. The radar
   achieved.                                             automatically locates hostile artillery, mortars

• Spund-III: 112 mW average power in Erbium-

   Ytterbium co-doped fibre in pulsed mode
   was achieved.

Medium Power Radar (MPR) ‘Arudhra’
     MPR ‘Arudhra’ is country’s first indigenously

designed and developed, fully active aperture,
rotating, multibeam, multifunction phased array
radar with staring mode. It is also provided with
a mode for detection and tracking of low Radar
Cross Section (RCS), high speed and highly
manoeuvring targets. The radar has met all
operational requirements and successfully completed
all the three phases of User trials, including
100 h endurance tests, at Kolar, Jamnagar, and
Gwalior. Radar is recommended to be inducted
in Services. MPR ‘Arudhra’ participated in the
Republic Day Parade 2017.

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