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                            Shipborne Data Terminal  Digital Troposcatter/LOS Communication
                                                     System for IAF
S-Band Hub and Ground SATCOM Terminals
    DRDO has realised four types of satellite             Troposcatter communication system
                                                     communicates microwave radio signals over
terminal hardware, namely, Manpack SATCOM            considerable distance. During the year, engineered
Terminal (MST), SATCOM Messaging Terminal            L-Band OFDM Tropo Modem was realised and
(SMT), Hand held SATCOM Terminal (HST)               multiple field trials of Tropo OFDM Modem at
and SATCOM On The Move Terminal (SOTM),              User locations were conducted. Development
through BEL as the production partner. Some          and testing of L-Band Engineering Order Wire
of the major trials carried out during the year      (EOW) was also completed.
include: (a) MST trials conducted at Bhuj with
Intelligence Directorate of Indian Army during       EW Systems ‘Samudrika’ for Capital Ships,
Jan 2017. (b) User trials of HST conducted during    Aircraft and Helicopters for the Indian Navy
Apr 2017. (c) Trials of MST, HST & SMT carried
out by MHA teams at Trivandrum and J&K in                 DRDO has taken up the development of a
Sep 2017. (d) Confirmatory trials of MST, HST        family of seven EW systems which include three
and SMT were also carried out by MHA team            ship-borne systems (Shakti, Nayan and Tushar)
in Oct 2017.                                         and four airborne systems (Sarvadhari, Sarang,
                                                     Sarakshi and Nikash). Design work of these
                                                     products has been completed and hardware is
                                                     under realisation. M/s BEL will be the prime
                                                     production agency for EW systems. During the
                                                     year, UET for ‘Nayan’ system have been conducted
                                                     after installation and Harbour Acceptance Tests
                                                     (HATs) on a ‘T’ Class Ship. Navy has placed
                                                     production order for ‘Nayan’ systems costing
                                                     ` 126 Cr. Phase-I & Phase-II of User lab demo
                                                     of ‘Shakti’ system was also completed. ‘Shakti’
                                                     systems costing ` 1805 Cr have been ordered
                                                     by the Indian Navy.

High Data (HD) Rate Very Low Frequency                              Various Projects of ‘Samudrika’ Programme
(VLF) Receiver
                                                     Project HIMRAJ for Indian Air Force
     During the year, engineered hardware has             The role of the system is to intercept, monitor,
been realised through BEL, Panchkula. HD-VLF
receiver with throughput of 800 bps data rate        analyse, and locate adversary’s radar transmission
in 200 Hz bandwidth is ready for trials.

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