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of 13 waveforms including adhoc networking         Data Link Systems
waveforms was carried out. All developmental
activities for security features for SDR-NC,       • Wheeled Nishant ‘Panchi: ADE is developing
SDR-TAC and SDR-manpack were completed
using trial versions of security algorithms.          Panchi UAV, which is a wheeled version
User-assisted developer trials of SDR-TAC, SDR-       of Nishant UAV. DEAL has configured
MP, and SDR-HH were completed. Developer              Rustom-II data link for Panchi UAV towards
trials of SDR-AR and User Evaluation Trials           standardisation of data links across indigenous
(UET) of SDR-NC were completed. Engineered            UAV. Specifications of the same have been
hardware fabrication, system integration,             released to ADE towards realisation through
and bench testing of SDR-TAC were carried             BEL. Three sets of Air Data Terminals (ADT)
out. Development of Advanced Computing                have been realised through BEL, Bengaluru, and
approval was obtained for procurement of              have been delivered for Panchi UAV. Data link
SDR-NC by Indian Navy.                                Preparation Vehicle (DPV) has been configured
                                                      as Ground Data Terminal (GDT) to support
                                                      initial short range flight (< 10 km). Further
                                                      data link has been integrated with Panchi
                                                      UAV and 7 taxi trials conducted successfully
                                                      in Oct/Nov 2017 at ATR, Chitradurga. Data
                                                      link system is ready for flight trials.


SDR-AR  SDR-MP   SDR-HH                                                              Air Data Terminal

Realisation of Dedicated Satellite Hub for Future  • MALE UAV ‘Rustom-II’: Nine development flight
                                                      trials of Rustom-II with Line-of-sight (LOS)
     Civil works for Tri-Services hub facility at     data link have been successfully completed
Meerut Cantt. has been completed. Development         at ATR, Chitradurga.
of carrier grade satellite hub baseband system
with full redundancy is in progress at Centre for                                Graound Data Terminal
Development of Telematics (C-DOT), Bengaluru.
Crypto architecture for the Tri-Services hub
has been finalised. Development of crypto
hardware is in progress at BEL, Bengaluru.
GSAT-6 bandwidth allocation committee has
been constituted by Hon’ble RM and percentage
of total BW of GSAT-6 has provisionally been
earmarked for Tri-Services, MHA, Department
of Space (DoS), and DRDO.

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