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Internal EW System for MiG-29 Upgrade                 Digital Radar Warning Receiver (Dhruti)
Aircraft (D-29 System)
                                                           DR118 digital RWR is a state-of-the-art,
     D-29 is an integrated EW system for warning      six-channel digital RWR for Su-30 MKI. It is
and jamming that encompasses Radar Warning            an airborne, tactical EW system that performs
Receiver (RWR), Electronic Communication              the function of creating situational awareness
Measures (ECM) and Electronic Support Measures        to the pilot about ground-based, airborne or
(ESM) functions and utilizes state-of-the-art active  ship-borne emitters present in the scenario.
phased arrays for selectively jamming the multiple-   During the year, Phase-I User evaluation as
threat radars. During the year, modification of       per approved ATP was conducted in May 2017.
all the 6 aircraft has been completed for the         Phase-II User evaluation is in progress. Draft
installation of D-29 system. Forty sorties were       Task Directive for ground integration and flight
conducted against ground-and airborne emitters        trials has been submitted to IAF. Safety-of-flight
at Gwalior and Nasik. Flight evaluation is in         tests of SPU have been completed.
progress to evaluate the system performance
in jamming multiple emitters.

                          Core EW Unit: DJAG System                           Digital Radar Warning Receiver

Internal Radar Warning Jammer (RWJ)                   Software-Defined Radios (SDR)
System for Jaguar DARIN III Upgrade Aircraft
(D-JAG System)                                             DRDO, in a consortium approach with
                                                      Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
     D-JAG is an integrated EW system for radar       (CDAC) and Weapons Electronics Systems
warning and jamming that encompasses RWR              Engineering Establishment (WESEE) as
and ECM functions. The system intercepts and          development partners and BEL as the production
identifies airborne, ship-borne and ground-           partner, is working towards the development
based radars used for target acquisition,             of a family of network-enabled, interoperable
tracking, and missile guidance. During the            and modular SDRs having frequency in the
year, development of engineering version of           range of 3 MHz-2000 MHz to provide secure
Core EW Unit, as a first indigenous step, has         wireless communication capability to both
been achieved. It is designed and development         mobile and static forces required for Indian
aircraft mod for system installation has been         Navy. The SDRs being developed are Naval
completed. System hardware development has            Combat (SDR-NC), Tactical (SDR-TAC), Airborne
been completed.                                       (SDR-AR), Manpack (SDR-MP) and Hand-
                                                      held (SDR-HH) to provide wireless secure
Mission Computer for Jaguar DARIN III Upgrade         communication capability to both mobile and
Aircraft                                              fixed forces as required by the Indian Navy.
                                                      During the year, development of prototypes
     During the year, system design and lab           integrated with platform software for all form
evaluation has been completed. Development            factors SDR-NC, SDR-TAC, SDR-AR, SDR-
of engineering unit is in progress.                   MP, SDR-HH was completed. Development

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