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of image-intensifier and thermal-imager based          • Laser spectroscopy for detection and identification
night vision devices.
                                                          of BW and CW agents
Core Competence/Thrust Areas
                                                       Electronics and Radar Development
• Design Capabilities: Opto-mechanical design;         Establishment (LRDE)

   Line-of-sight control systems                            LRDE Bengaluru, has matured in design and
                                                       development of ground-based, shipborne and
• Technologies: Night vision technology based          air-borne complex radar systems and practicing
                                                       concurrent system engineering. The establishment
   on II tubes, CCD and thermal imagers; laser         has established expertise in the design and
   based instruments (laser range finders (LRFs),      development of radars over multiple frequency
   designators, seekers and proximity sensors);        bands capable of detection ranges from few cm
   stabilised gimbals, and ballistic computation;      to 100s of km. Multirole capabilities have been
   image processing, and target recognition            achieved for surveillance, fire control, imaging,
   techniques                                          operating on platforms on ground, in sea and
                                                       in air.
• Systems: Electro-optical fire control system for
                                                       Core Competence/Thrust Areas
   AFVs and naval ships; day-night surveillance
   equipment                                           • Development of critical radar technologies

• Vision instrumentation including day vision             like transmit/receive (T/R) modules, antenna
                                                          arrays, transmitters, digital receivers, DDS,
   instruments and thermal imager-based night             programmable signal and data processors
   vision instruments
                                                       • Design and development of major sub-systems,viz.,
• Compact laser-based instruments
• Integrated optical and electro-optical surveillance     mechanical and electronic scanning antennas,
                                                          high performance exciters and receivers, high
   and fire control systems                               power transmitters, digital signal and data
                                                          processors, consoles, etc
Laser Science and Technology Centre
(LASTEC)                                               • System integration and evaluation, radar system

     LASTEC Delhi, is a Centre of Excellence in           integration with other entities, environmental
the field of laser and its Defence applications.          engineering including EMI/EMC
The laboratory is focused in the development
of related technologies.                               Significant Achievements during 2017

Core Competence/Thrust Areas                           Directed Energy Laser Systems

• Development of laser sources such as High                 DRDO is involved in the development of
                                                       10kW proof-of-concept directed-energy systems
   Power Fibre Laser (HPFL), Chemical Oxy-             against UAVs like target and establishment of
   Iodine Laser (COIL), Solid State Laser (SSL),       critical technologies of precision tracking/pointing
   Gas Dynamic Laser (GDL), Liquid Laser               and laser beam combination. During the year,
                                                       development of 10 kW Directed Energy System
• Development of laser-based equipment for             ‘Proof of Concept (PoC)’ demonstrator system
                                                       was completed with functional testing carried
   ammunition disposal, optical measure of             out at CHESS for a range of 700 m. Currently,
   intrusion detection, optical dazzlers, detection    the system is undergoing field evaluation at ATR,
   of chemical/biological agents and explosive         Chitradurga for a range of 2 km. Development
   detection/identification, high-value assets         of 2 kW system (engineering unit) was also
   protection, laser warning and counter-measures,     completed. The system was demonstrated at ATR,
   seeker test kit, etc                                Chitradurga in the presence of the Hon’ble RM.

• High power laser sources such as fibre laser

   and liquid lasers with desired power levels
   and beam quality for DEL applications

• Laser countermeasures and non-lethal weapons

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