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   systems, flight evaluation of EW systems,        Electronic Warfare Systems for the Indian
   test and evaluation facilities for airborne      Armed Forces. Over the years, DLRL has
   EW systems                                       established core competence, and capability
                                                    in the indigenous design and development
• Mission Avionics: Design, development,            of state-of-the-art technologies, components,
                                                    and sub-systems required for EW applications.
   integration, and evaluation of mission           In addition, DLRL has gained considerable
   avionics systems, design and development of      expertise in integration and field evaluation
   mission hardware and operational software,       of EW systems for Communication Intelligence
   avionics upgrades and automatic test             (COMINT), Electronic Intelligence (ELINT),
   equipment                                        Electronic Support Measures (ESM), and Electronic
                                                    Counter Measures (ECM) applications for
Defence Electronics Application Laboratory          different platforms viz. ground mobile, ships,
(DEAL)                                              submarines, helicopters, and aircraft.

     DEAL Dehradun, is engaged in the development   Core Competence/Thrust Areas
of communication and surveillance systems
right from very low frequencies (VLF) to            • Design and development of Electronic Warfare
extremely high frequencies up to 140 GHz.
In this wide frequency spectruce, during its           (EW) systems:
journey in the past 50 years, many products
have been inducted into Services like troposcatter     â—¦ Design and development of EW systems
communication system, transportable SATCOM
Terminals, VLF receiver, combat net radio,                 (COMINT/ELINT/ES/EA)
briefcase and manpack S-band terminals,
and data link for UAVs and AEW&CS. DEAL                â—¦ System integration on various types of
has been providing communication support
to Indian Antarctic Expedition and in the                  platforms like vehicles, ships, submarines,
areas affected by disaster/natural calamities.             helicopters, aircraft, airborne PODs, and
                                                           static installations
Core Competence/Thrust Areas
                                                       â—¦ Induction of EW systems into Indian Armed
• Software-Defined Radios
• LOS and BLOS (SATCOM) data links for                     Forces and Paramilitary Services

   UAVs, AEWC&S, and other airborne platforms       • Design and development of critical technologies

• Satellite communication and network management       and components required for EW system

   systems                                             â—¦ WB and NB Intercept/ Monitoring Receivers
                                                       â—¦ High Power Jammers
• VLF communication systems                            ◦ Multi-threat Jammers
• Troposcatter communication systems                • Multi-function EW system based on TR module
• Millimeter wave and microwave communication
                                                       using phased array technology
                                                    • Advanced communication ECM and ESM
• Meteor-burst communication systems
• Image intelligence environment, data fusion          systems

   systems, 2D-3D visualisation and change          Instruments Research and Development
   detection                                        Establishment (IRDE)

• Combat-Net Radios                                      IRDE Dehradun, has developed many
                                                    optical instruments like binoculars, goggles,
Defence Electronics Research Laboratory             fire control instruments for small arms, mortars
(DLRL)                                              and field guns and fire control system for
                                                    up-gunned T-55, Vijayanta and MBT Arjun
     DLRL Bengaluru, is primarily involved in       tanks. IRDE has also developed laser-based
Research, Design and Development of Integrated      instruments like rangers, designators, seekers,
                                                    and proximity sensors for various defence
                                                    applications. IRDE is known for the development

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