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     Laboratories of ECS cluster of DRDO are         magazines, multiple target engagements, and
involved in the development of Electronic Warfare    rapid retargeting, simpler logistics and reduced
(EW) systems, radars, electro-optic equipment,       operational costs. In view of the above benefits,
sources for directed energy laser systems and        DRDO has created a new laboratory in Apr 2013
communication systems for Indian Defence Forces      with a mandate to design, engineer, integrate
and laser-based instruments/equipment for defence    and test evaluate directed energy systems.
and paramilitary forces. These equipments have
been developed and deployed for airborne, ship-      Core Competence/Thrust Areas
borne and ground-based platforms. The ECS
cluster labs have made significant contributions in  • Directed energy laser technologies towards
terms of development of systems equipment for
flagship programmes of DRDO, like Akash weapon          realisation of operational directed energy
system, Rustom-II UAV, AEW&C system, aerostats,         laser systems of Indian Armed Forces
MBT, integrated coastal surveillance system, and
LCA. Programmes are also underway for the            • High power laser beam directing systems and
development of sensors for satellite payloads.
This cluster is headquartered at Bengaluru and          multi-channel laser beam directing system
headed by Ms. J Manjula, Distinguished Scientist.       towards realisation of high and any laser
The cluster consists of seven laboratories:             systems

• Centre for High Energy Systems and Sciences        • Advanced atmospheric propagation models

   (CHESS), Hyderabad                                   and compensator technologies

• Defence Avionics Research Establishment            Defence Avionics Research Establishment
   (DARE), Bengaluru
                                                          DARE Bengaluru, is carrying out R&D in two
• Defence Electronics Applications Laboratory        major domains of airborne electronic warfare and
                                                     mission avionics systems. DARE has developed
   (DEAL), Dehradun                                  state-of-the-art radar warning receivers, high
                                                     accuracy direction-finding pods and airborne
• Defence Electronics Research Laboratory            jammers, which are used across a wide variety
                                                     of aircraft. Over the years, several radar warners
   (DLRL), Hyderabad                                 and EW systems such as TEMPEST, TARANG,
                                                     and RWR-118 have been developed and inducted
• Instrumentation Research and Development           successfully into the Services. DARE has gained
                                                     sufficient expertise and knowledge base through
   Establishment (IRDE), Dehradun                    these projects for the development of EW Suites
                                                     for LCA, AEW&C, MiG-29 and Jaguar DARIN
• Laser Science and Technology Centre (LASTEC),      III. DARE has developed UV-based missile
                                                     approach warning systems for Cheetah and Self-
   Delhi                                             Protection Suite for Mi-17 helicopter. DARE has
                                                     completed the development and evaluation of
• Electronics and Radar Development Establishment    dual-colour missile approach warning system.
                                                     DCMAWS is a passive missile approach warning
   (LRDE), Bengaluru                                 system utilising two spectral bands in the
                                                     Mid-Band IR.
Centre for High Energy Systems and Sciences
(CHESS)                                              Core Competence/Thrust Areas

     Directed Energy Laser Systems are emerging      • Airborne Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems:
as a class of futuristic systems to encounter
new asymmetric and uncontrollable threats,              Design and development of RF and electro-
which are extremely complex to realise with             optics (EO)-based warning and jammer
conventional kinetic energy weapons. Development        systems, operational exploitation of EW
of high energy lasers is being actively pursued
globally. Compared to traditional weapons,
laser systems offer significant benefits including
minimal collateral damage, potentially unlimited

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