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of sighting system was realised. Inspection of         UAV engine was carried out and running-in
hull and integration of automotive and non-            carried out for 30 h. Full performance test was
automotive aggregates of AP-II were carried            also carried out on 1st and 2nd prototypes of
out. Integration of hull systems and powerpack         180 hp engine. Indigenous diesel engine was
system was completed at M/s Tata Motors Ltd,           demonstrated to Hon’ble RM at CVRDE, Chennai.
Pune. Integration of add-on armour was also
completed. Second Armoured Prototype (AP-II)
was realised and limited designer trials were
completed. Amphibious trials of AP-II were
also successfully conducted at deep wading at
National Centre for Automotive Testing (NCAT)
and at Mula Dam, Ahmednagar.

                            Floatation trials of WhAP                                Prototype diesel engine

Development of Technologies for                        CBRN Recce Vehicle (CBRN RV) Mk-I
Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle and                      During the year, two vehicles were delivered
Testing on Automotive Platform: DeTA-UGV
                                                       to the Indian Army Units including handing over
     The autonomous vehicle technology has a           of 1stvehicle by Hon’ble RM to Chief of Army
wide range of applications, both for military          Staff (COAS) on 2nd Mar 2017.Fourteen NBC RVs
and civilian use. In military applications, the        have been completed at OF, Medak. All types of
technology can be used in counter-insurgency           documents (viz., TDOI, TS&ATPs, URM, MRLS
and counter-terrorist operations. In the civilian      etc.) were prepared and handed over to OF,
sector, the technology finds practical use in          Medak, and Controllerate of Quality Assurance
driver-assist systems, accident avoidance, lane-       (Infantry Combat Vehicles), i.e., CQA(ICV).
changing, intravehicular communication, etc.           Drawings of all codes also handed over to OF,
During the year, integration and testing of all        Medak & CQA(ICV).
modules on the test platform were completed.
                                                                                       CBRN Recce Vehicle
65hp Rotary Engine for Conventional Takeoff
and Landing UAV

     During the year, in-cylinder combustion
pressure measurement and analysis was carried
out. Fifty hours of endurance cycle was completed.
Two more prototypes were assembled and tested.
Order has been placed for development of 10
nos. engines through industries.

Diesel Engine from Conversion of
Automotive Engine for Rustom-II UAV

     During the year, 1st firing of indigenous

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