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which has handling device fitted onto it. UATT of    Launchers
Inflatable NBC Shelter was successfully completed
at the College of Military Engineering (CME),        • Quick Reaction Surface-to-Air Missile (QRSAM):
Pune, during Oct 2017.
                                                        Mobile Launcher Vehicle (MLV) for QRSAM
Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)                        has been designed and configured to meet the
                                                        operational requirements and functional needs
• Confined Space ROV (CS-ROV): CS-ROV is an             of the Army Air Defence. During the year,
                                                        canisters-based launcher was successfully tested
   Improvised Explosive Device (IED) handling           during two flight trials. Factory Acceptance
   ROV operated from a backpack based control           Tests (FATs) of the launcher system have
   station. The CS-ROV is having a manipulator          been completed.
   arm which is capable of extracting any suspected
   object from the berths of the train or the cabin
   baggage space of an aircraft. The developed
   concept prototype was trial evaluated by
   Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) in Jan 2017,
   and Northern Command, Kupwara, in May 2017.

                                                     Launcher for QRSAM

                               Confined Space-ROV                                   Launcher for Nirbhay

• Surveillance ROV (S-ROV): S-ROV is a one man-      • Nirbhay: Ground-based Mobile Launcher

   pack portable ROV primarily for surveillance         System (MLS) for the Nirbhay system has been
   during anti-terrorist operations. The system is      designed, developed, realised and configured to
   deployable using a hand-held controller. The         meet the qualitative requirements and system
   S-ROV is equipped with day and night vision          specifications projected by ADE. During the
   cameras with all round view for day and night        year, 5th successful launch of Nirbhay from
   surveillance. S-ROV is also capable of diffusing      the launcher, with smooth take-off as per
   suspected object using a water jet disruptor         design and analysis, was carried out.
   and can drop a charge at desired location to
   active this charge from a safe distance. During   Mobile Autonomous Stabilization and
   the year, trials at NSG, Manesar, and Northern    Slewing System (MASS)
   Command, Kupwara, were conducted.
                                                          MASS is a multipurpose autonomous system
                                  Surveillance-ROV   developed by R&DE(E) wherein a stabilised
                                                     gimbal system along with vision system is
                                                     mounted on the vehicle. Stabilised gimbal can
                                                     stabilise the delicate sensor or weapon platforms.

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