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provides a 4 m wide fully-decked roadway and           system can carry about 500 bar mines and
is made in high-strength aluminium alloy RDE           lay/bury them at intervals of 6 m to 30 m.
40M. The system is mounted on a re-engineered          Subsequent to completion of design reviews,
8 x 8 high mobility Tatra vehicle. During the          the prototype is presently under realisation.
year, confirmatory trials and DGQA trials were         During the year, User Trials (winter phase &
successfully completed.                                summer phase) were completed successfully.

Self-Propelled Mine Burier (SPMB)                      Minefield Marking Equipment Mk-II (MFME Mk-II)

                           Self Propelled Mine Burier                          Mine Field Marking Equipment

     SPMB is a system for rapidly creating minefields       Minefield marking is an important activity of
by surface-laying or burying four different types of   the Indian Army. It provides immediate warning
antitank land mines, viz., Adrushy Mk-I, Adrushy       to people moving in or nearby the hazardous area.
Mk-II, HPD-F2, and ND Mk-I mines. Equipment            Marking is done with the help of picket and tying
is mounted on 8X8 Tatra High Mobility Vehicle          ropes on the pickets. It provides a physical barrier,
(HMV) and can operate in plains, deserts, and          and thus delineate between known danger area and
semi-deserts. It can lay mines from 0 cm depth         those areas that are clear. It is used where area
to 25 cm depth, with inter-mine spacing from           of domination is large as compared to number of
3 m to 30 m (3 m, 6 m, 9 m, 12 m, 15 m & 30            soldiers. MFME Mk-II is used for quickly erecting
m). It can lay anti-tank mines at the rate of          a perimeter fence around a minefield, by driving
200 mines/hr at 3 m spacing and 180 mines/h            iron-angle pickets and tying nylon ropes. During
at 6 m spacing. During the year, User trials           the year, User trials were completed and the system
were completed and the system was cleared for          has been cleared for induction into the Services
induction into the Services after incorporation of     after incorporation of users’ recommendations
Users’ recommendations and suggestions.                and suggestions.
Bar Mine Layer (BML)
                                                       Inflatable NBC Shelter
                                    Bar Mine Layer
                                                            Inflatable NBC Shelter is intended for 8
     This system is used for quickly creating          men in biological and chemical contaminated
minefield by burying antitank bar mines. The           environments for 48 h. The shelter is an over
                                                       ground quickly deployable shelter. It is ideal for
                                                       medical command centre during the emergency.
                                                       The shelter is equipped with all support systems
                                                       along with weather parameter monitoring,
                                                       portable NBC monitoring system, decontamination
                                                       system etc. It is carried on ALS Mk-IV vehicle

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