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Composite Sonar Dome                                   Trawl Assembly for T-72/T-90 Tanks

                              Composite Sonar Dome                                        Trawl Assembly

     Indian Navy is currently importing composite           Trawl assembly is an equipment designed
sonar domes for its P15 class ships. DRDO has          to create a Vehicle Safe Lane (VSL) of 5.39 m
developed the first indigenous composite sonar         width through a minefield using four number
dome for P15A class ship. By this development,         of trawl tanks in tandem. This system is a
India joins a select group of nations with capability  combination of roller assembly, mine plough and
of realising large composite structures with multi-    Electro Magnetic Device (EMD). The passage in
functional requirements, complex geometry and          the minefield is created as a result of pressure
high structural rigidity with acoustic transparency.   applied to mine detonators by the roller sections,
During the year, composite sonar dome was              followed by unearthing of undetonated mines and
fitted to INS Kolkata and INS Chennai and              their pushing off the path by the mine plough.
User trials were completed.                            In addition, the detonation of magnetically-
Mountain Foot Bridge                                   triggered mines is achieved by an additional
                                                       EMD attachment. During the year, experimental
     A lightweight mountain foot bridge has been       prototype was realised and blast test with
developed by R&DE(E) to bridge dry/wet gaps            7.5 kg trinitrotoluene (TNT) was successfully
up to 34.5 m with a pathway of 0.8 m width.            completed. Fieldable prototype was also realised
The bridge is made of high-strength aluminium          and is under technical trials.
alloy components such that each component              Sarvatra Bridging System
is man-portable and weighs less than 18 kg.
It includes a man-portable launching system                                         Sarvatra Bridging System
such that the bridge can be constructed from
near-bank without any access to the far-bank.               Sarvatra bridging system is the longest
During the year, mule-portability trials were          multispans bridging system in the world. With
completed in Jan 2017 and cargo-sack trials for        individual spans of 15m each, a class 70 bridge
Heli-portability with cargo nets were carried          up to a span of 75 m can be constructed using 5
out at Nasik in Mar 2017.                              spans. Each span of the bridge can be deployed
                                                       mechanically in less than 20 min by a crew of 5.
                               Mountain Foot Bridge    System is highly versatile and can be used for a
                                                       variety of bridging applications for spans varying
                                                       from 15 m to 75 m.The bridge superstructure

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