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Landing Gear for Rustom-II                                                                    Unmanned Ground Vehicle ‘Mission
                                                                                              Unmanned TRAcked (MUNTRA) Vehicle’
   HanHdainndginogvoevreorfoof noenesseettooff aaiirrwwoorrtthhyyllaannddiningggegaerairn in
                    prepsreesnencee ooff HHoonn’b’bleleRRMM                                        During the year, Technology Demonstration
                                                                                              of UGV MUNTRA with three different payloads,
     CVRDE has successfully designed and developed                                            viz., surveillance, NBC Recee, and mine detection,
landing gear system for UAV ‘Rustom-II’ and                                                   were successfully accomplished. Based on
handed over the 1st set of Main Landing Gears                                                 this achievement, the surveillance system for
(MLG) and Nose Landing Gears (NLG) to ADE                                                     Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) was
for the integration on flight in the presence of                                              also demonstrated.
Hon’ble RM on 14th Oct 2017. For the above,                                                   EMI/EMC Test Facility
CEMILAC handed over the airworthiness
certification on the same day in the presence of                                                   A new EMI/EMC test facility has been
Hon’ble RM.                                                                                   established at CVRDE to enable compliance
Situational Awareness Unit (SAU)                                                              testing of electronic and electrical sub-systems
                                                                                              of AFVs as per MIL STD 461 requirements.
     SAU, one of the modules for enhancing combat                                             The facility includes a Semi-Anechoic Chamber
effectiveness of MBT Arjun has been successfully                                              (SAC), a Sub-system Testing Anechoic Chamber
completed. All the system features have been                                                  (STAC), and common control rooms.
implemented to enhance situational awareness
of individual tank commanders, troop leaders                                                                                EMI/EMC Test Facility
and Squadron commander within an armoured
squadron. The system features have been trial                                                 Hyperspectral Imaging for Terrain Diagnosis
validated by integrating SAU sub-systems in                                                   (HIMANT)
MBT Arjun available with CVRDE. Details of
SAU system design, development, and integration                                                    Data population has been started in developed
with MBT Arjun were presented to DGMF and                                                     database. Field investigations for collecting
Directorate General Information Systems (DGIS),                                               spectral data of test sites in plain, coastal, desert,
New Delhi, during Oct-Nov 2017.                                                               mountain, and Rann have been completed.
Aircraft Gear Box Bearings                                                                    Design, development, and populating all field
                                                                                              data (7500 spectral library) in database on SAN
     Development of all 13 types of Aircraft-                                                 have also been done.
Mounted Accessory Gear Box (AMAGB) bearings                                                   Pilot Study on Groundwater Prospect
has been successfully completed.                                                              Mapping in Desert Terrain (BHU-JAL)

                                   Aircraft Bearings                                               Geo-physical surveys upto 300 m depth in
                                                                                              and around Tanot area have been done.
                                                                                              Early Warning System for Landslides by Integration
                                                                                              of Different Technologies and its Forecasting
                                                                                              Mechanism (DEWSLIT-FM)

                                                                                                   Mapping of landslide sites and markers
                                                                                              positioning was completed at Narendra Nagar

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