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• Mk-II: MBT                                           All the major recovery and repair aggregates
Arjun Mk-II has                                   have been developed and realised. During the
                                                  year, the first prototype of the Arjun ARRV was
been designed                                     realised and handed over by the development
                                                  partner, M/s Bharat Earth Movers Limited (M/s
and developed                                     BEML) to CVRDE during the Hon’ble RM’s visit
                                                  to CVRDE in Oct 2017. UATT is in progress.
incorporating 84                                  Command Carrier Post Tracked (CCPT)
                                                                    Command Carrier Post Tracked Vehicle
(73 tank -fittable)
                                                       Successful completion of Maintenance Evaluation
over and above       MBT Arjun                    Trials (MET) and DGQA trials, and also ToT
MBT Arjun Mk-I.                                   documentation for CCPT vehicle have resulted in
                                                  DAC approval for induction of 43 nos. at ` 405 Cr.
Out of these, 19 improvements (15 tank-fittable)  Based on the above successful accomplishments,
                                                  Directorate General of Mechanised Forces (DGMF)
have been identified as major improvements.       evinced an interest and provided PSQR for
                                                  Infantry Command Vehicle (ICV), for which, a
MBT Arjun Mk-II is in an advanced phase of        MM project has recently been taken up. DGMF
                                                  indicated that they would be requiring 174 nos.
User trials. Design of structurally-improved      over a period of time for the induction.
                                                  Electric Gun and Turret Drive System
and weight-optimised MBT Arjun Mk-II has          (ELEGANT)

been completed. During the year, reconfigured          DRDO is involved in the design and
                                                  development of a gun control system with
hull development commenced both at OF             electric drive for Armoured Fighting Vehicles
                                                  (AFVs). Seven prototypes are to be developed in
Medak, and also at Reliance Defence.              the Project including two for pilot production/
                                                  production reference. During the year, PDR
Armoured Recovery and Repair Vehicle              and Detailed Design Reviews (DDR) were
(Arjun ARRV)                                      completed and development contract on M/s
                                                  Bharat Electronics Limited (M/s BEL) was
     ARRV is intended for carrying out recovery,  finalised.
repair, and replenishing functions pertaining to
MBT Arjun in operational areas under a wide
variety of field conditions.

   Handing over of first prototype of Arjun
ARRV in presence of Hon’ble Raksha Mantri

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