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six parameters of igniter tube of BMCS. The             Multispectral Infra Red (IR) Decoy Flares
self-calibrated vision system reduces the effort
of user for calibration of the system. Prototype                                 Multispectral IR Decoy Flares
automated-filling system for higher zone of
BMCS has also been developed for filling of             • Impulse Cartridge for 218 Multispectral IR
large number of grains of gun propellants in
a particular fashion.                                      Flares: Design and development have been
Next-Generation Explosive Reactive Armour                  completed. IC performance was evaluated
(NG ERA)                                                   with flare on sufficient numbers and found
                                                           meeting the requirements.
     ERA Mk-II has been accepted by the Users
after successful completion of the Users Trials.        • Impulse Cartridge for 218mm & 50 mm Multispectral
Presently, the process of obtaining the AoN is
in progress at Army HQs. Production agencies               IR Flares: New design of impulse cartridge
have been identified.                                      has been finalised. Development trials have
                                                           been completed. Design qualification tests
     A project on Next Generation ERA (NG                  (DQT) at IC level were also completed.
ERA) has recently been taken up. During the             Scale-up of High Energy Materials
year, an insensitive explosive composition
was identified. Thickness was optimised for                  The technology for preparation of reduced
non initiation against 60 mm shaped charge              sensitive RDX (RS-RDX) has been established
(Precursor charge). Performance evaluation of           at 20 kg/batch level. About 850 kg RS-RDX has
NGERA, by incorporating insensitive explosive           been prepared for various applications. ToT
composition, against 125 mm HEAT warhead                for RS-RDX is in progress. It will be useful
was also carried out.                                   in development of reduced sensitive and high
Insensitive Explosive Compositions for Naval            performance composition for propellant and
Warheads                                                high-explosive formulations.
                                                        Low Vulnerable High Performance Propellant
     During the year, insensitive munition testing      with Low Temperature Coefficient and
of naval warheads for RGB-60 and RL-140mm               Improved Shelf-Life of Ammunition
rockets filled with indigenously-developed explosive
compositions was completed. The indigenous                   During the year, dynamic testing of a high
compositions were accepted for induction by             performance propellant using 125 mm laboratory
Indian Navy for RGB-60 and RL-140 mm rockets,           gun was carried out in Russia. Theoretical
Varunastra torpedo and Multi-Influence Ground           correlation of ballistics between 125 mm laboratory
Mine (MIGM). ToT for productionisation with             gun and 120 mm rifled gun (MBT Arjun) was
OF, Itarsi, have been initiated.                        obtained. Technical documentation including
                                                        details of ingredients, processing, and testing
             Naval Rocket Warheads (RGB-60 & RL-140mm)  methodologies was received. 14 batches of the
                                                        propellants (each of 38 kg batch size approx.)
                                                        with 5 different configurations using indigenous
                                                        raw materials and equipments to prepare 5
                                                        lots (approx. 50 kg each) were processed. The
                                                        technology will catalyse development of new-

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