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500 Kg Pre-Fragmented Bomb                             craft. ARDE with state-of the art technologies
                                                       and improved safety features has designed and
                          500 kg Pre-fragmented Bomb   developed CSS which is the fastest solution for
                                                       pilot egress during emergencies, both in flight
     ARDE has designed 500 kg pre-formed               and on ground. This has significantly reduced
fragmentation bomb with steel spheres as fragments.    total time for exit of the crew from the Aircraft
The bomb is designed to be compatible with             in 20 ms.
Russian as well as Jaguar aircraft by providing
dual suspension lugs of 250 mm and 14” spacing.             CSS has been integrated on 15 Tejas aircraft,
The bomb is configured with proximity fuze             12 HJT-36 aircraft, two LCA trainer aircraft and
with nose initiation. Three nos. of bombs have         Naval version Tejas and trainer aircraft and
been filled with inert filling. One bomb has been      first HTT-40 aircraft. All aircraft are undergoing
forwarded to RCI for carrying out vibration            test flights with CSS onboard. During 2017,
testing. After study of the bomb, vibration            DRDO organised a programme on 20th Jan 2017
test fixture is being realised by ARDE. Second         at ARDE for ToT of CSS to private industries
inert-filled bomb has been forwarded to the            identified as nodal production agencies (M/s
vendor who is developing the plastic package           GOCL and M/s PEL).
for the bomb. The third inert-filled bomb is at        Bi-modular Charge System (BMCS) of 155
ARDE for carrying out the structural load test         mm Artillery Gun
and for use of the same for adaptation trials.
ARDE has requested Air HQrs to arrange for the              DRDO has taken a pro-active step in
adaptation trials of the bomb on SU-30 MKI and         developing BMCS for 155 mm artillery gun for
Jaguar aircraft. Plastic package has been realised     operations at high altitude regions. During the
and qualification testing of the same has been         year, dynamic firing with BMCS from 52 cal gun
completed satisfactorily with inert-filled bomb        (fixed-mounting) was carried out in Jul 2017.
packed inside. After satisfactory qualification
testing, the required quantity of packages has                                     Bi-modular Charge System
been realised. Two nos. HE-filled bombs have
been positioned at TBRL to evaluate the lethal         Automated Inspection Technology for CCC
performance in blast and fragmentation trials.         Components and Assembly of BMCS Rounds
The trials have been planned to be conducted
during Jan 2018.                                            An innovative automated inspection system
Canopy Severance System (CSS)                          has been developed for measurement of seven
                                                       parameters of closing disc of BMCS. The inspection
     The sequential seat-ejection system is available  throughput of 90 per hour is achieved with a
in all the fighter aircraft for escape of pilots       measurement accuracy of 100 µm. The system
in emergency, both in flight and onground.             automatically calibrates itself with a specimen
This process takes about 1400 ms before pilot          of known dimensions after few tests. Another
can come out of the cockpit of the endangered          innovative inspection system based on computer
                                                       vision has been developed for measurement of

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