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Against Air HQ Indent for supply of Qty               ASTE needed total Qty 40 bombs (30 inert
150 nos. of 250 kg pre-fragmented bomb, OF            and 10 HE-filled). ARDE positioned Qty 18
Khamaria, has initiated the procurement of empty      bombs (Qty 13 nos. inert-filled and Qty 5 nos.
hardware from the trade sources established           HE-filled) at Air Force Station, Jodhpur, for
during development of the Project. Qty 40 nos.        conduct of flight trials by ASTE in May 2017.
of empty hardware is available at OF Khamaria.        The bomb using Russian AVU-ETM inert fuze
The explosive filling and assembly of filled          was flight tested on SU-30MKI aircraft for
bombs have been taken up by OF Khamaria.              carriage and handling trials. Two bombs were
ARDE and HEMRL are involved in ToT during             released for satisfactory safe separation and
productionisation at OF Khamaria. Aircraft            stability in free flight. Subsequently, one HE-
and Systems Testing Establishment (ASTE) has          filled bomb using Russian AVU-ETM live fuze
requested ARDE to make available bombs for            was released for satisfactory functioning in
flight trials from Jaguar aircraft. ARDE has          explosion. Filling of remaining Qty 22 bombs
prepared qty 6 nos. of inert-filled bombs using       (17 nos. inert-filled and 5 nos. HE-filled) has
the hardware procured during development of           already been completed and these would be
the Project. These bombs have been positioned         positioned at the trial site during Feb 2018.
at trial venue for conduct of flight testing from     Second phase of flight trials from Su-30 MKI
Jaguar aircraft.                                      and Jaguar aircraft is likely to be in Feb 2018.
500 Kg General Purpose Bomb
                                                      450 Kg High Speed Low Drag (HSLD)
                         500 kg General Purpose Bomb  Bomb with LG Griffin Kit and Dual Fuze
     The scope of the work of the Project includes
development of aircraft bomb which can provide             The scope of the work of the Project includes
good blast and fragmentation effects and limited      development of suitable nose flare and base
concrete penetration capabilities, impact/impact      adapters to enable integration of the Griffin
delay fuze, suitable package for the tail unit        LG Kit. The base adapter has provision for
and rolling rings for the bomb. During the            dual-fuze arrangement. In view of the dual-fuze
year, production of Bomb Shell by forging and         arrangement, the boosters would be developed
machining route has been established at three         by HEMRL and the explosive train would be
firms. Bomb Shell by sandless vacuum casting          proven. The designs of suitable nose flare and
and machining route has been established at           base adapters to enable integration of the Griffin
one firm. Two bombs filled with High Explosive        LG Kit and the base adapter with provision for
(HE) have been used to evaluate the lethal            dual-fuze arrangement have been completed base
performance in blast and fragmentation trials         on inputs obtained from the adaptation trials
conducted at TBRL, Chandigarh. The lethal             on Su-30 MKI and on Jaguar aircrafts. All the
performance has met the Users’ requirements.          hardware required for the project development
Two bomb realised via forging route and one           has been realised. Aerodynamic studies and
bomb via casting route have been positioned           safe-separation studies have been completed.
at TBRL Chandigarh for conduct of Rail Track          Structural load test of the 450 kg HSLD bomb
Rocket Sled (RTRS) trials to evaluate the lethal      with LG Griffin Kit and dual-fuze arrangement
performance in concrete penetration which are         has been completed at ARDE. Based on the
planned to be conducted during Jan/Feb 2018.          aerodynamic coefficients generated, the theoretical
                                                      ballistic table has been generated at ARDE and
                                                      the same has been forwarded to ASTE. Qty 18
                                                      sets of hardware (comprising nose flare and
                                                      base adapters to enable integration of the Griffin
                                                      LG Kit and the base adapter with provision for
                                                      dual-fuze arrangement) has been positioned
                                                      at Air Force Station, Jodhpur, for conduct of
                                                      flight trials.

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