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of first batch. 3 nos. of 9 mm Pistol has been             to private agency is in progress.
received and 6 nos. of 40 mm UBGL are under
dispatch from OFs against SWOD. Acceptance              • Soft target jumping fragmentation type munition
Test Procedure (ATP) for CSWS is finalised in
association with DGQA & IRDE and is being                  ‘ULKA’: Prototype development and testing has
approved.                                                  been completed for fully integrated munition.
                                                           Realisation of munition for User trials is in
New Family of Munitions (NFM)                              progress.

     There are total six types of munitions being       • Soft target directional fragmentation type munition
developed under this project to improve the existing
munitions and enhance its performance. These               ‘PARTH’: User-Assisted Technical Trials (UATT)
systems are at various stages of development.              have been completed successfully. Store is
                                                           ready to be offered for Users trials
Prachand         Nipun         Vibhav
                                                        • Anti-tank intelligent underground munition
                                                           ‘PRACHAND’: Development of warhead
          Parth          Ulka                              and electronic fuze have been completed
                                                           successfully. Integration of units for PSQR-
The details of various systems are as follows:             based trials is in progress.
                                                        Proximity Fuze for Artillery Rocket
• Soft target blast-type pressure-actuated munition
                                                             As per the requirement for Height of Burst
   ‘NIPUN’: ToT has been transferred to two private     (HoB) 30 mm from the ground, a low-altitude
   agencies. Prototypes are being manufactured          proximity fuze is under development for the
   for establishing the ToT.                            proximity sensor, SAM, battery pack and fuze
                                                        hardware, fuze integration, testing and its static
• Anti-tank blast-type point-attack munition ‘VIBHAV’:  evaluation. During the year, proximity sensor
                                                        based on Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave
   PSQR-based User trials have been completed.          (FMCW) radar principle in X band of frequency
   General Staff Qualitative Requirements (GSQR)        for 10m, 30m and 300m HoB were developed.
   have been approved. Process for ToT to               Prototype proximity sensor units were test evaluated
   private agency is in progress.                       successfully at VRDE, Ahmednagar. Electronic
                                                        interface card was successfully developed and
• Anti-tank blast-type bar munition ‘VISHAL’:           tested with proximity sensor. Qualification and
                                                        acceptance level testing of proximity sensor units
   PSQR-based User trials have been completed.          were completed. Power source for proximity
   GSQR have been approved. Process for ToT             sensor was established and is ready to use.
                                                        Inspection and testing of SAM for rocket fuze
                                                        have been completed.
                                                        250 Kg Pre-fragmented Bomb

                                                                                   250 kg Prefragmented Bomb

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