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km. The Guided Pinaka rocket would be able               the above internal trials, design of improved
to engage targets from 20 km to 80 km range              JVPC weapon and ammunition was finalised
with an accuracy of < 60-80 m.                           and Quality Assurance Provisions (QAPs) &
                                                         specifications forwarded to OFs for manufacture
     Even before the project was formally sanctioned,    of 150 JVPCs. Request for Proposal (RFP) has
the conceptualisation of configuration, aerodynamic      been issued for manufacture of 200 nos. of JVPCs
and control system studies, actual design, hardware      through private industry. Supplementary Work
realisation, software development, and lab-              Order Draft (SWOD) for procurement of 6 lakh
level testing/simulations were carried out. The          ammunitions from Ammunition Factory, Khadki, is
demonstration trials of Guided Pinaka rocket             in process.
system were conducted at ITR in Balasore on
12thJan 2017 (65 km range) and 24th Jan 2017             Corner Shot Weapon System (CSWS)
(75 km range). The rocket successfully achieved
range of 65 km with an accuracy of 5 m and
range of 75 km with an accuracy of 2 m during
trials. Guided rocket configuration, autopilot
design and guidance algorithm were proven and
all the sub-systems of guided rocket functioned

Joint Venture Protective Carbine (JVPC)

                       Joint Venture Protective Carbine                            Corner Shot Weapon System

     JVPC is designed based on a unique caliber               CSWS is a special-purpose weapon and
5.56 x 30 mm. The weapon is compact, lightweight,        ammunition that can fire around corners for use
robust and of semi-bull pup configuration amenable       of Special Forces under Low Intensity Conflict
for single-hand firing capability. The unique            (LIC) operations. It will be possible to attach
design features include retractable butt, integral       and fire any of the following weapons available
grip outer housing the 30 round magazine and             with the user: 9 mm Pistol, 40 mm Under
a modular trigger mechanism and Picatinny rail.          Barrel Grenade Launcher (UBGL), and 5.56 mm
The weapon is provided with multi-weapon                 Modern Sub Machine Carbine (MSMC). It allows
reflex sight for day firing, visible and invisible       its operator to see and attack an armed target,
laser designators. The weapon is provided with           without exposing himself for any counterattack.
accessories like silencer, three-point sling, and        CSWS is also equipped with various accessories
bayonet. The weapon is designed to replace the           such as day and night camera, invisible lasers,
9 mm carbine currently in service.                       laser-aiming device, tactical flashlight, colour
                                                         Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitor, and a
     Post User & Director General Quality Assurance      power source (rechargeable battery). A development
(DGQA) trials, Qty 10 improved JVPCs were                contract has been placed on two private firms
realised at Small Arms Factory (SAF), Kanpur,            for 40 nos. each of CSWS for Pistol & UBGL
and subjected to in-house trials during May-             version and clearance accorded for manufacturing
Jun 2017 at ARDE Pune, and SAF Kanpur.
The weapons have met test parameters as per
User requirement and DGQA trial directives.
5.56 x 30 mm ball ammunition improvements
were also carried out wrt bullet to further
enhance performance in lifecycle. Qty 20,000
ammunitions were realised and fired extensively
in two weapons with desired results. Based on

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