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• Propulsion and power train                            and field-defence and NBC collective-protection
• Weapon dynamics and controls                          systems. The Establishment is also working in
• Vetronics                                             the areas of robotics, composite products, and
                                                        micro-electro-mechanical-systems (MEMS).
Defence Terrain Research Laboratory (DTRL)
                                                        Core Competence/Thrust Areas
     DTRL Delhi, is engaged in meeting the
crucial requirements of ‘going maps’, terrain           • Development of: combat engineering systems
analysis reports, Area Analysis Studies (AAS),
and terrain-derivatives maps of different regions          and launchers for unmanned aerial and
covering land borders and inaccessible areas.              underwater vehicles
It is committed to develop high-value terrain
intelligence products for the Armed Forces. The         • Field defence and NBC collective protection
information regarding terrain characterisation,
sub-surface features identification, terrain potential     systems
analysis along with micro-relief generation
estimation are being targeted in all ongoing            • Advanced system viz. robotics and composite-
and planned future projects in microwave,
hyperspectral, and thermal bands from various              based equipment
remote sensing platforms.
                                                        • Weapon launch systems
Core Competence/Thrust Areas                            • Development of Micro-Electro-Mechanical

• Development of reliable systems for assessment           Systems (MEMS)

   of terrain characteristics through modern            Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment
   techniques of terrain evaluation for military        (SASE)
                                                             SASE Manali/Chandigarh, has the mandate
• Trafficability studies and preparation of             to develop technologies for mitigation of
                                                        cryospheric hazards and to ensure safe movement
   ‘mobility maps’ and ‘going routes’                   of troops in snow-bound regions of Indian
                                                        Himalayas. SASE is striving hard to reduce
• Disaster assessment and prevention studies            the sufferings of Indian troops and civilians
• Geographic Information System (GIS)-based             in terms of safe mobility in harsh climatic
                                                        conditions of Indian Himalayas. In its journey
   development of decision-support systems              towards excellence, the activities of SASE have
                                                        increased manifold and it has taken up-state-
• Hyperspectral imaging for terrain diagnosis           of-the-art projects of national importance.

   for defence applications                             Core Competence/Thrust Areas

• Geo-intelligence products for all weather             • Operational avalanche forecast
                                                        • Design of strategic avalanche-control structures
   and day and night capabilities using hyper-          • Computational snow material science
   spectral, thermal, and microwave imaging             • Snow-cover information system
   technologies                                         • Mountain hazard mapping using remote

Research and Development Establishment                     sensing
(Engineers) (R&DE(E))
                                                        • Instrumentation and sensors for snow and
     R&DE(E) Pune, is engaged in the indigenous
development of various engineering systems for             avalanche research
the three wings of the Indian Defence Forces.
R&DE(E) has developed and delivered state-of-           • Artificial triggering of avalanches
the-art combat engineering-military bridging,
mine-warfare and allied-systems, ground support,        Vehicles Research and Development
systems and launchers for weapon programmes             Establishment (VRDE)

                                                             VRDE Ahmednagar, is involved in the research,
                                                        development, trial and evaluation of specialist

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