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• Fuze and armament electronics                        target of OFB and equipping our Armed Forces
• Development and pilot plant production of            with proved ammunitions and equipment.
                                                       The journey in this direction during the year
   pyro/power cartridges and PZT piezo-ceramics        2017 was filled with challenges for clearing
                                                       approximately 20,000 rounds which included
High Energy Materials Research Laboratory              Army, Navy and R&D trials.
                                                       Core Competence/Thrust Areas
     HEMRL Pune, is working in the areas of
rocket propellants for missiles and rockets, gun       • Performance evaluation of different ammunition
propellants for various artillery and tank guns,
high explosive for warheads, pyrotechnics for             and weapon systems through dynamic firing
various applications, synthesis and characterisation
of new energetic materials, preparation of nano        • Determination of propellant ballistics
materials for various applications and design          • Consistency and accuracy trials of tank
for scale-up of developed materials, creation of
sophisticated facilities and advanced instrumentation     ammunition
systems for evaluation and characterisation of high
energy materials and related technologies. Some        • Determination of protection efficiency of armour
notable systems developed by the laboratories
include explosive reactive armour (ERA), mine             and penetration capability of ammunition
anti-personnel inflammable (MAPI), canopy
severance system (CSS) for fighter aircraft,           • Performance evaluation of fuzes
rocket delivered fuel-air explosives (FAE)             • Modelling and simulation of ballistic impact
warhead system for mine clearance, rocket-
assisted mine breaching system (RAMBS) etc.               of armour

Core Competence/Thrust Areas                           • Sensors for evaluation of artillery shells
                                                       • Alternate gun ammunition
• Basic and applied research in all aspects of
                                                       COMBAT VEHICLES & ENGINEERING
   high energy materials
                                                       Combat Vehicles Research and Development
• Synthesis and characterisation of new energetic      Establishment (CVRDE)

   materials                                                CVRDE Chennai, is engaged in design,
                                                       development, testing and performance evaluation
• Formulation, design and development of               of tracked combat vehicles and specialist armoured
                                                       tracked vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles with
   propellants for guns and rockets, high explosives   various payloads and aircraft projects. The major
   for warheads, pyrotechnics, polymeric materials,    products developed by CVRDE includes: 130 mm
   liners/insulators and wide range of pyro            SP catapult gun, carrier mortar tracked on BMP-
   devices                                             II, bridge layer tank (BLT-72), combat-improved
                                                       ‘Ajeya’, main battle tank (MBT) Arjun Mk-I,
• Design and development of pilot plants for           self-propelled (SP) 155 mm/52 caliber artillery
                                                       gun (BHIM T6), Tank-Ex armoured ambulance,
   high energy materials and related non-explosive     missile carrier vehicles, carrier command post
   chemicals                                           tracked (CCPT) on BMP II and SP 130 mm
                                                       artillery gun (catapult on Arjun chassis).
Proof and Experimental Establishment (PXE)
                                                       Core Competence/Thrust Areas
     PXE Chandipur, is the pioneer test range of
DRDO for performance evaluation of conventional        • Design, development, manufacture of prototypes
armament systems by dynamic firing and
generating critical ballistic parameters. It              and performance evaluation and transfer of
has played a stellar role in timely evaluation            technologies of: tracked combat vehicles,
of armament stores to support indigenous                  specialist tracked vehicles, and products for
development as well as production. This has               aerospace secondary power drive applications
helped in meeting the annual production
                                                       • Vehicle dynamics

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