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surge margin with higher distortion tolerance             Airworthiness Certification
would make this standard of fan more versatile
for integration with higher thrust class engines.         • Modification cleared on three AEW&C Embraer
The objective of this project is to design and
develop a Fan with 3.4:1 pressure ratio and 78               aircraft. Cleared mission system Line Replaceable
kg/s mass flow in three stages for future military           Unit (LRUs), Active Antenna Array Unit
aircraft. During the year, aerodynamic, mechanical           (AAAU), Satellite Communication (SATCOM)
design, technical audit, and Critical Design                 radome and air-to-air refueling system. The
Review (CDR) were completed. All component                   Release to Service Document (RSD) issued
drawings, rig layout with instrumentation details            and Initial Operational Clearance (IOC) was
have been prepared. Rig version disc, shaft and              handed over to Chief of Air Staff (CAS) by
split casing have been completed and blade                   Hon’ble RM on 14th Feb 2017 during Aero-
machining is in progress.                                    India.


                 Gas Stand Testing of TC-01 Turbocharger                                     AEW&C System

     GTRE has taken up turbocharger development           • Clearances issued for PVs and LSPs of
for 1500 HP diesel engine under development
at CVRDE. Turbochargers are used to enhance                  LCA Tejas for various activities towards
the power density of a diesel reciprocating                  Full Operational Clearance (FOC). Active
engine. Four sets of hardware have been realised             Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar
for component and unit level tests. Two sets                 developed by LRDE cleared for integration
of rotors have been realised through additive                on LSP2 for ground and flight evaluations.
manufacturing process. Spin tests and proof                  Clearance accorded to ADA for GE F414
pressure tests have been completed for turbine               INS-6 engine based on which the engines
wheel and housing, respectively. Cumulative                  were delivered for integration on LCA Mk-II.
test duration of 55 hours has been accumulated
with TC-01, TC-02, and TC-03 on gas stand at                                                    LCA ‘Tejas’
M/s Turbo Energy Private Limited (M/s TEL),
Chennai. TC-03 turbocharger has been built with           • Clearance accorded for MALE UAV Rustom-II
additive manufactured compressor and turbine
wheels and has been tested for 8.5 hours at gas              for designer confidence build and development
stand up to a speed of 60,000 rpm. Cumulative                flight trials. Clearance accorded to ADE for
test duration of 30 hours has been accumulated               integration of undercarriage on Rustom-II UAV
in engine integrated tests on 1000 HP engine                 in the presence of Hon’ble RM at CVRDE.
at CVRDE Chennai.

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