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developed. Army has already placed an indent               Airdrop technology is a vital capability for rapid
on OFB for 159 sets for 3-Ton HDS. P-7 HDS            deployment of payloads to specific rendesvous
has been accepted by the Army for induction.          points. Three CADS demonstration trials with
During the year, Bulk Production Trials (BPC)         latest designed parachute were successfully
for HDS-7T have been commenced. A new                 conducted in Agra during Aug and Nov 2017,
Technology Development project has recently           with all up-weight capability of 500 kg.
been undertaken to design and develop HDS for
C-130 J and C-17 aircraft to para drop military       Parachute Systems
payloads of Users. Preliminary Design Review
(PDR) is in progress.                                      During the year, Transfer of Technology
                                                      (ToT) for bulk production of Lakshya-II parachute
Unmanned Small Airship System (USAS)                  was given to M/s Kusumgar, M/s Oriental and
                                                      Ordnance Parachute Factory (OPF, Kanpur),
                                                      and ToT for Brake Parachute of LCA Tejas was
                                                      given to OPF, Kanpur.

                                                      Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C)

                       Unmanned Small Airship System                    Handing over of AEW&C System to IAF

     Achievements during the year includes                 The AEW&C system consists of sensors mounted
development of Flight Control Computer,               on an aircraft, for locating and providing early
Mathematical Model using Aerodynamic datasets         warning to air and ground stations of airborne
from DatCom AAA Software and Mini Airship             and sea surface targets, and hostile emissions.
Details, Control Law under Simulation Mode,           Major functionalities of the AEW&C system have
Firmware for Electronic Control System for            been established over more than 700 sorties.
Mini Airship, Ground Control Station software,        During the year, AEW&C in Initial Operational
Autonomous Flying Mini Airship along with             Capability (IOC) configuration was accepted by
Manual override feature.                              IAF and inducted into the IAF on 14th Feb 2017
Controlled Aerial Delivery System (CADS)              during ‘Aero India 2017’ at Yelahanka Airbase and
                                                      deployed at IAF Base, Bhatinda, for operational
                               Flight Trials of CADS  exploitation with effect from 20th Apr 2017. Close
                                                      to 70 sorties amounting to 200 hours of flying
                                                      has been carried out under actual operational
                                                      conditions. Out of 70 sorties, 18 dedicated Large
                                                      Force Engagement (LFE’s) were conducted in
                                                      Bhatinda, Agra, and Delhi. In Agra, LFE was

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