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and nine design validation flights (two with                 ADE has taken up the development of ‘Panchi’
AF3 and seven with AF4) of Rustom-II from               for modifying UAV Nishant for conventional
Aeronautical Test Range (ATR), Chitradurga,             take-off and landing to reduce the turn-round
have been carried out (including eight in 2017).        time and increase the number of landings as
Rustom-II flight on 21st Dec 2017 attained an           compared to the hydro-pneumatic launched
altitude of 6,000 feet, with duration of 85 minutes     version. Panchi has been developed with an
and range of 14 km.                                     endurance of 6 hours and a command range of
                                                        200 km. During 2017 ‘C’ band LOS data-link
Pragati                                                 was integrated and taxi trials were completed.
                                                        65 BHP engine trials were completed at NAL.
     Rustom-I is a surveillance and recce UAV designed  Avionics architecture was standardised across
to operate upto 15,000 ft AMSL with an endurance of     platforms of UAV developed by ADE and taxi
12 hours from take-off to landing. During 2017,         trials were also completed for the realised
Rustom-I engine was upgraded with multi-fuel            upgraded wing - empennage.
injection and electronic ignition and test bed
run and engine integration with R1-2 were               Subsonic Cruise Missile ‘Nirbhay’
completed. Long-range flight of Rustom-I was
achieved in Feb 2017 at ATR Chitradurga, with a
range of 222 km [Line-of-Sight (LOS)]. Rustom-I
flight capabilities were demonstrated to CRPF,
BSF, and ITBP on 6th Nov 2017 at Bhilai.

     Lakshya is a surface/ship launched high
subsonic re-usable aerial target system, remotely
piloted from the ground/ship. Lakshya-II is the
advanced version of the PTA. It was designed
to dive-down from an altitude of around 800
m to just 12 m and maintain required altitude
for the specified time before demonstrating
auto climb-out. During 2017, Lakshya store drop
trials were conducted at ITR Chandipur and
AFFR, Chandan. Continuously computing release
algorithm has been successfully evaluated.

Panchi (Nishant-W)

                            Wheeled Nishant ‘Panchi’                          Sub-sonic Cruise Missile ‘Nirbhay’

12                                                           Nirbhay is India’s first indigenously designed
                                                        and developed long-range subsonic cruise missile
                                                        having 1000 km range and capable of carrying
                                                        upto 300 kg warheads. The system incorporates
                                                        the Ring Laser Gyroscope (RLG) based inertial
                                                        navigation system as primary navigation and
                                                        Micro Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS)-
                                                        based inertial navigation system as secondary
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