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• Product Support (PS): Projects in this category             Table 4 provides a brief outlay of category-
                                                         wise distribution of the projects and their cost.
   are aimed at upgradation of existing systems
   in production or maintenance/technical support             Table 4. Category-wise Financial Allocation for
   of the system for a limited period.                                                   Projects

• User Trials (UT): The scope of this category           Project Category              No. of      Cost
                                                                                      Projects  (` in Cr)
   involves conduct of User-trials including             Mission Mode (MM)                      58636.83
   DRDO support during the trials.                       Technology Demonstration         61
                                                         (TD)                                     9899.12
     During the calendar year 2017, 64                   Infrastructure & Facilities     156
new projects have been sanctioned at a                   (IF)                                     1246.91
total cost of ` 21,505 Cr (DRDO Share: `                 Science & Technology (S&T)       10
6,114 Cr) and 36 projects at a total cost of                                                      1118.58
` 779 Cr have been completed.                            Product Support (PS)             70      1038.99
     DRDO currently has 320 ongoing projects             User Trials (UT)                  4         39.54
(excluding strategic projects) amounting to                                              318    71979.97
approximately ` 71,980 Cr (including User                Total
share). Out of 320 ongoing projects, 51 large
projects (cost ≥ ` 100 Cr) have a cost of                     There are 11 major projects/programmes
` 65,104 Cr (DRDO’s share~ 70% of the total share).      approved by Cabinet Committee on Security
Table 3 provides a brief outlay of clusterwise           (CCS) amounting to ` 52,000 Cr (DRDO’s share:
distribution of the projects and their cost.             ` 23,841 Cr). About 54% of the total cost of the
                                                         CCS-approved projects/programmer is funded
Table 3. Cluster-wise Financial Allocation for Projects  by the User. Out of these, four CCS projects are
                                                         related to design and development of missiles:
Clusters                     No. of  Cost                Long-Range Surface-to-Air Missiles (LRSAM)
                                                         for the Indian Navy and Indian Aircraft Carrier
Aeronautical Systems         Projects (` in Cr)          (IAC) of the Indian Navy, and Medium-Range
(incl. ADA)                                              Surface-to-Air Missiles (MRSAM) for both the
                             29 22457.86                 Indian Army, and the Indian Air Force (IAF).
Armaments & Combat                                       The CCS-approved projects/programmes in
Engineering Systems          66 2771.46                  Aeronautics are: Light Combat Aircraft (LCA)
                                                         Air Force Mk-I, LCA Air Force Mk-II, LCA Navy
Electronics and              40 3415.53                  Mk-I, LCA Navy Mk-II, Airborne Early Warning
Communication Systems                                    and Control (AEW&C) System, Medium-Altitude
                                                         Long-Endurance (MALE) Unmanned Aerial
Life Sciences                28 600.60                   Vehicle (UAV) ‘Rustom-II’ and Kaveri Engine.
                                                         Airborne Warning and Control System (India)
Micro Electronic Device and  26      1015.64             [AWACS(I)] programme has been approved but
Computational Systems                                    sanction of funds is yet to be awarded.

Missiles and Strategic Systems 64    39090.10                 The year 2017 witnessed a number of significant
                                                         milestones/achievements in DRDO projects,
Naval Systems and Materials  51      2456.48             details of which are covered clusterwise in
                                                         ensuing chapters.
Simulation Analysis and      14 172.30

Total                        318 71979.97

Note: The data does not include strategic programmes.

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