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     DRDO Headquarters (HQ) at Delhi,                   Additionally, Regional Centres for Military
which coordinates the overall functioning of       Airworthiness (RCMAs) under the aegis of
the Organisation, is an interface between the      CEMILAC are located at different stations all
Government and the cluster HQs and labs. There     over the country.
are five Corporate DGs (CC R&D designated
as DG in Apr 2017) to oversee the activities            In addition, Department of Defence R&D
of the corporate HQrs, namely; DG Human            has under its fold, one autonomous body, viz.,
Resources (HR), DG Production Coordination         Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) at
& Services Interaction (PC & SI), DG Resources     Bengaluru, one joint venture viz. BrahMos
& Management (R&M), DG System Analysis &           Aerospace at Delhi and one Deemed University,
Modeling (SAM) and DG Technology Management        viz., Defence Institute of Advanced Technology
(TM). The Organisational chart of Corporate        (DIAT) at Pune.
HQrs is given in Table 2. In addition, there is
a DG who functions as CEO & MD BrahMos -           Manpower
the Indo-Russian joint venture in which DRDO
is a partner.                                           DRDO has a total strength of 24,029 employees,
                                                   out of which 7,435 are in Defence Research &
           Table 2. Corporate structure of DRDO    Development Services (DRDS); 8,964 in Defence
                                                   Research & Technical Cadre (DRTC), and 7,630
   Corporate DG’s Corporate HQrs                   in Admin & Allied Cadre.

   DG (HR)       CEPTAM, DIAT, DESIDOC,            Budget
                 DHRD, ITM, DOP, RAC, RTI
                 Cell.                                  During the current financial year 2017-18,
                                                   DDR&D has been allocated ` 14,818.74 Cr (BE)
   DG (PC & SI)  DI2TM, DISB, DIC & JVs, DLIC,     which is about 5.4% of the total defence budget.
                 SA to Chiefs, Technical Advisors  A total of ` 7,552.32 Cr has been allocated
                 Abroad.                           under Capital Head and ` 7,266.42 Cr under
                                                   Revenue Head.
   DG (R & M)    DCW&E, DF&MM, DMS, DMM,           Projects & Programmes
                 DPA, DP&C, Programme Office
                 (HPO), Rajbhasha and O&M,         DRDO projects are categorised as follows:
                                                   • Mission Mode (MM): These are taken up
                                                      based on Users requirements with stringent
   DG (TM)       DER&IPR, DFTM, Research              timelines and normally involve more than
                 Boards, RIC.                         one lab with Users having a major say in
                                                      steering the project.
     DRDO has three human resource institutions,
i.e., Centre for Personnel Talent Management       • Technology Demonstration (TD): These
(CEPTAM), Institute of Technology Management
(ITM), and Recruitment and Assessment Centre          are normally initiated by DRDO as feeder
(RAC).                                                technologies for future or imminent MM
                                                      projects. The purpose is to develop, test, and
     The Organisation has three certification         demonstrate a particular technology.
agencies under DRDO’s fold, i.e., Centre
for Military Airworthiness and Certification       • Science & Technology (S&T): These are
(CEMILAC) for airworthiness products; Centre
for Fire Explosive, and Environment Safety            normally of basic research/applied research
(CFEES) for fire and explosives and Scientific        type taken up by labs with alignment to
Analysis Group (SAG), for grading of information      future technology needs.
security products. These certification agencies
provide services, not just for DRDO, but for       • Infrastructure & Facilities (IF): Projects which
other organisations of Government of India
(GoI) as well.                                        typically involve creation of advanced test
                                                      and qualification facilities, are taken through
                                                      IF mode. It is essentially a capital investment
                                                      which plays a major role in validating the
                                                      technology/system generated/ developed.

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