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GoI     Government of India                     INDRA Indian Doppler Radar
GPS     Global Positioning System
GSQR    General Staff Qualitative Requirements  INS Inertial Navigation System
GVW     Gross Vehicle Weight
HAST    High Altitude Starting Test             INSAS Indian Small Arms System
HATs    Harbour Acceptance Tests
HDS     Heavy Drop Systems                      IOC Initial Operational Capability/ Initial
HD-VLF  High Data-Very Low Frequency                           Operational Clearance
HE      High Explosive
HMI     Human Machine Interface                 IR Infra Red
HMM     Hidden Markov Model
HMV     High Mobility Vehicle                   ISA Instruction Set Architecture
HoB     Height of Burst
HPM     High Power Microwave                    ISR Intelligence, surveillance and
HQ      Headquarters                                           reconnaissance
HR      Human Resources
HSLD    High Speed Low Drag                     ISRO  Indian Space Research Organisation
HSP     Human Space Program
HST     Handheld SATCOM Terminal                ITM Institute of Technology Management
HTT     Hindustan Turbo Trainer
HVF     Heavy Vehicles Factory                  JSQR  Joint Services Qualitative Requirements
IAC     Indian Aircraft Carrier
IADS    Integrated Architecture Display System  JVPC  Joint Venture Protective Carbine
IAF     Indian Air Force
IAI     Israel Aerospace Industries             L&T   Larsen & Toubro
ICD     Interface Control Document
ICV     Infantry Command Vehicle                Labs/Estts. Laboratories/Establishments
IED     Improvised Explosive Device
IF      Infrastructure & Facilities             LBP Land Based Prototype
IFDSS   Instant Fire Detection & Suppression
        System                                  LCA   Light Combat Aircraft
IFF     Identification of Friend/Foe
IIR     Imaging Infra Red                       LCD   Liquid Crystal Display
IMDTF   Instrumented and Mechanised Drop
        Test Facility                           LCH   Light Combat Helicopter
IMS     Ion Mobility Spectrometry
IMSAS   Indian Maritime Situational Awareness   LED   Light Emitting Diode
                                                LFDS  Low Frequency Dunking Sonar

                                                LFE Large Force Engagement

                                                LFRJ  Liquid Fuel Ramjet Engine

                                                LIC Low Intensity Conflict

                                                LLLWR Low Level Light Weight Radar

                                                LLTR  Low Level Transportable Radar

                                                LMG   Light Machine Gun

                                                LOBL Lock-On-Before-Launch

                                                LOS   Line of Sight

                                                LOX   Liquid Oxygen

                                                LPCVD Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition

                                                LPI Low Probability of Intercept

                                                LQT   Limited Qualification Test

                                                LRF Laser Range Finder

                                                LRSAM Long Range Surface to Air Missile

                                                LRTR  Long Range Tracking Radar

                                                LRU   Line Replaceable Unit

                                                LS Life Sciences

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